Tuesday, 29 December 2009


This is a story of 4 men in a dream like state. Out of our minds in the outback. A place called the outback for the simple reason that it is out back.

Australia is our location. Sydney to be kind of exact. Well not really.
Steve, Milan,
Motil and myself are moments away from entering the Pete’s ridge music festival to open our tour. The faint sound of exotic birds in the background, beautiful terrain, lovely weather and a dream to take over the world. One laugh at a time. These buddies that I am traveling with are a wonderful source of life.
I have been looking forward to this trip, but have been a bit distracted by my own nutty moments.
Recently, experience grabbed me by the balls and spit me out a new man. Now I don’t mean there was not a ton of tears and frustration that I created involved, but after the storm cleared I feel free again.
Okay….. My story is jumping around a bit I know , but I have not bloged in so long there is a bunch to catch up on.
First…That would be a great place to start.
I am no longer a San Diego resident. My new place of dwelling…… “Dred locks” couch. AKA Keith Benton my percussionist and life long friend .
I made the decision in England while touring there a month ago.
During this time something came over me. It’s time for a change, and to approch life with the fire that burns in the pits of my stomach. To reform, re-invent the fire of hell, and the love of heaven that burns inside all of us… what theatrics I create.
I have been living in sadness for some time. I had become recluse and an anger started to brew inside of me for no reason. I had everything going my way, but happiness. I was creating myself as a sad unworthy person. More and more people were coming up to me saying, “You alright man?” And “what’s wrong? Your not yourself.”
This is not the guy I want to hang out with. You can’t run away from yourself (the bob Marley line a nutty militant man told me in a hash bar in Amsterdam in 2003, whilst scaring the shit out of me).
I started to think of the “now” moment I was not living in. Living just in the stories in my head that the voice was telling me was true. Now I know that is not the real me. The lover of life, people, and experience. The guy that I know myself to be.
So when I got home I packed my bags, and put my whole life in storage…. almost my whole life. Something’s I let go. I miss you.
It is amazing to see your whole life in a 4x7 closet in Van Nuys.
After my relocation to LA I gathered the forces of the most supernatural musicians I know and started making a new album. I love it already. The process of being in the studio, being in LA, back on a bike with a Giraffes head horn, and a yellow “bench warmers” bike helmet that makes me look like the short bus WAS the correct bus for me to ride in junior high.
Wait, “did he say that girl? Oh, Girl yes he did girl”(I love NYC).
I am back on a bike. A Jammis Civilian 24 speed kick as red bicycle that takes me were I need to go, while toning my ass. It Is a humbling experience to go from the avocado farm and the easiness of San Diego, my coffee shop, and local lovers to sharing Keith’s couch with his cat, and re-learning the public transit system. I must say on a side note that the bus is real reality TV. I love the guys that come on and rap out load, really fucking loud. I almost want to say “shut your pie whole”, but I hold the space for them to express themselves the way god intended them to. I think Jesus was a pot-smoking hippie, and god invented LSD so the almighty can take it, and laugh at his creation. And what a creation it is. Who else could take dust and make it life, inside life, inside life…forever.
Okay we are getting there in this catch up story, can’t wait for the mustard…. Catch up story… never mind. I love you
Xmas came and went as it does. I hope all of you had, and are having an amazing journey through the season of biblical perorations.
My Xmas was great we burned a fire all day in love, watched movies, shared stories and great food that did not take that long to make.
The day after I took a cab, to a train from LA to San Diego. Then got in a cab to my local O. Side coffee pub, to a friends house. Then hitched a ride to SD airport (wrong terminal) to a bus to the correct terminal. Got on a plane BACK TO LA. (Don’t ask, or ? me)
4 hour lay over, until our 14-hour flight to Sydney. I travel for 28 hours.
BTW Delta has wonderful movie selections on over seas flights.
I started this blog yesterday, now it is today and we had our first show at the Pete Ridge festival. They may of called it the Bushwalla wet dream fest (I haven’t had a wet dream in 6 months….er….)
The festival was filled with Music, Sustainable everything, jugglers, hoopers, Bohemian circus’s, and hotties. What more can a silly American clown ask for?
Steve played at 4pm and I was blown away. I have not seen him play solo in probably 5 years, and I was so pleased to watch him. Such a great songwriter, guitar player, and stand up guy. So funny. One of my favorite moments is when he goes up to random folks and says “I’M STEVE” in a rain man type of tone…. god that cracks me up. You would probably have to be hear for that one to sink in, But I am truly honored to be with such a lover of life, and to be in the presence of someone who has not forgotten how to play with everyone.
I played in a tent called th “CHI PALACE” and that’s what it was.
You had to check your shoes at the entrance of the tent, and they served chi hot/cold and cookies. The audience in this area was able to lay down and kick back on Turkish pillows, and lil couches.
I went out as I usually do with a swing in my step and a high five for everyone. Opening line. Sung, “I come from a land up over.”

The audience was great, as I entered I heard someone say “I love you Bushwalla” and “I replied I love you too”, and I felt at home. After the show folks that were just lovely greeted me. One person handing me affirmation prayer flags. I was happy to except them, and another tied a ribbon around my arm. The whole festival is in a valley, so we are surrounded by the “out back”.
Day turned to night and we ended with amazing green curry in down town Sydney. Were I got the “big eye” from a dude…..

Now I sit ready for 2nd show at the festival. I am in my hotel 3/4 of the way done with my Crapachino. And I just ran out of words… so I will leave you with this.

In the words of HADD 1
“have a XXX mas, Kinky Kwanza, and a horny Chanukah".
Happy new year, and safe travels. If you have to much to drink or smoke or whatever you do. Give someone your keys…at the beginning of the night. JUST DO IT.

Also,…When your getting kinky at Kinkos……
Remember to laminate!

Many blessings

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Sunday, 15 November 2009


11/18/2009 09:00 PM - The Shore
1320 hermosa ave
Hermosa beach, California


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Monday, 2 November 2009


11/06/2009 09:30 PM
Flower pot

147 Kentish Town Rd, NW1 LONDON
London, London and South East

11/08/2009 08:00 PM
The Wheatsheaf

22-24 Richmond Rd
Worthing, South
An evening with bushwalla The Wheatsheaf 22-24 Richmond Rd Worthing West Sussex 01903 233167

11/10/2009 08:00 PM

opening for two spot gobi.

11/12/2009 08:00 PM

Opening for Two Spot Gobi, come out!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Amsterdam Nov 1st 09

I have been 34 for 30 days. Roughly 12,000 days old
Around 8,640,000 minutes young… Not by the time you read this I will be a bit more experienced.
Location, Schipol airport outside of Amsterdam. Drinking a cap., waiting for a flight to London, while listening to Spinal Tap’s “Heavy duty” . Appropriate for my destination of travel. I am in a space of not many words, so I choose to relay the past.
Yesterday played a house show for friend Emile, family, and friends. Spent the day biking through town , and finding out of Amsterdam coffee shops with Bruski.
The town I stayed in Utrecht (spelling may be off a bit) a modest beautiful canal filled town. I had a huge warm Strapuplinwaffle (spell?) maple canter filled thin waffle goodness. I think my heartburn may start to settle in today. I hope not.
Can’t wait to get back to East London, and my friends out this way. I love the people I get to hang with. So many laughs and good times to be had.

You know, We are all made up of the same stuff, thinking the same things, Loving with the same love. At some point in history we all have to be related. Somehow how it all happened with 1 or 2. That makes sense to me. So it makes sense that no matter where you go you will find people like you. People you can relate to. New friends…. 2 great words together.
Think about the friends you have yet to meet. How rad they are going to be! Who have you yet to fall in love with? The person you are talking to at the bank today may have your babies. Or the guy at the concert who was annoying you all night, may break your heart, or split your soul with his and make a cosmic pretzel.

I leave this circle in 40 minutes to jump in another circle that has already been drawn for me to step in.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Following the friend flow

I have to say I diagnose the "little things". The looks, the weird texts, the odd tones in voices, the sudden change of intentions. I am a bit paranoid these days over all these "little things". I guess they are not so little after all. That eye brow lift, though very small in relation to the big picture can start a chain of magnetized mind manipulation.

That raise of brow triggers something inside (a nerve if you will). That nerve takes the view of the situation and increase's it's size, value, and story. Kind of of like a day out fishing without the slime.

So now what I see is a slightly bigger eye brow, with a story that is saying "somethings wrong", and a meaning of importance.

Now realize that a fly may of landed on the other persons forehead that made there eye brow raise, or they have a weird twitch or something to that effect. It may have nothing to do with me. Yet I seem to attach one of my made up stories to the purpose of the movement. "What they raised a brow at me, and looked at me funny" I say in my head. "They are pissed off I didn't go with them to the show! I know it."

I am now convinced they are mad at me (the eye brow is now the size of a furry "cat scratch tree" from pet co. on top of there face, and they are starting to distort in my mind as an evil troll that is out to suck me under the bridge.

"What could I have possibly done to deserve such a gesture toward my life's validity?"

Then this is were it gets really fun.
Self doubt pops by for a beer. "Yo! what's up holmes? Haven't felt weirdly bad for a minute. thought I would come by and take a shit on your brain for 20 minute's. Is that okay?" I respond." Hell yeah!, and bring your friends self conscious and worthless over and let's party!"

Now this eye brow is so big it looks like the golden gate bridge has been stretched across your face and covered with mo-hair.

I am great at this next part.I say, "What's wrong, something's wrong, what did I do? What, I mean god, I'm sorry......sorry!"

I love apologizing for shit I am unaware of doing. If all else fails start begging for forgiveness.

What It comes down to is don't sweat the lil stuff. Your mind is going at like 64 thoughts a sec. Let that happen and acknowledge it for sharing the highly entertaining paranoid visions. And know that most of the time your making it all up anyway.
what's in an eyebrow? Hair.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Until the end of....Toca

Toca Rivera world renown lion Tamer, expressive with his thoughts on fettuccine.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Dr. Feelgood

Living live lovingly while lifting hearts including my own.

YO yo. I have been feeling a bit low since my b-day. Low in health that is. I realized I have been slurp'n a few to many java's, To many fatty breakfasts, to much red meat. Then heart burn come a knockin on the door and invites himself in, and reclines on my heart like a sofa, and he aint leavin till the diet is in check.
Today after love set sail back to SD, I went to the rehearsal room and stretched, while having a talk with this body. What did I say?

"Get up ya bum, I didn't hear no bell"

So I continued to stretch, think, and plant my intentions for the night. Ignoring my body aches, I pressed on with creation. Creation! I LOVE CREATION! I really do. The feeling you get when you make something up from thin air is amazing. Were does it come from? I don't know. But i thank the source for the desire to express through the outlet of creation.

So I made up an interesting way to open the show. I was wearing two suits at the same time. FUN!

Now I had creation and fun happening. This is what drives me. I looked around the dressing room and Jason and all of his band mates were putting there duck tape mustaches on and getting ready to back up the Bush W. show. Now my friends were involved. Now, Creation , fun, and friends......forget about it. i was feeling super. And even as I sit here and write this to you I hear my friend on the loud speaker tearing it up, and making them laugh.(Jason is a funny fucker, that's one thing I really love about the dude)
Now during my show I was having fun, while creating with my friends, and a power surged through my body. I felt light and young. I ran to the middle of the crowd and got up on the seats and walked across the tops of the chairs in front of 2500 with no nervousness at all. Just love for the moment, and I felt like flying.
After I got off stage I ran out to meet and great as many as I could then ran back to intro my buddy for his killer show........

Life is truly an amazing miracle, though it does not always show up that way for you.
Keep going , keep driving, keep taking chances, keep believing in yourself, keep sharing, keep loving, keep growing, keep showing, keep on keepin on.
Be Love

Monday, 28 September 2009

"Until The End Of......" G. Love

This is a new series called "Until the end of...." look out for more coming soon.
This episode features G. Love, and his laundry. thanks G.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mt Mushmouth

MT. Mushmouth

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a historical landmark. Mount Rushmore.
I hopped in a van with some of the Mraz band. Eric, Toca, Leroy, Fernie, and Reggie. The jokes were in full effect as we took the 40 min. drive thru the beautiful South Dakota landscape.
The town that you drive past on your way is this cute lil tourist town that I would love to take my parents to one day. It would have been great to have stopped, but didn't have the time.
On this trip I found a hidden talent. I have a decent imitation of "Fat Albert". Nothing to write home about,but worth a blog. Leroy rocks a nice "Mushmouth" and together we were honoring Bill Cosby's dream of the junk yard gang.
Then we arrived at Rushmore. I must say we were probably the oddest and youngest group there that day. As you walk down the path to the "Stoners" there are a series of patriotic flags.... I liked this build up

Then there we were, and the only two things I could think of were.
1. Man these guys are stoned.
2. I would of loved if George Jefferson, Weezy, JJ, and re-run had there own MT Mushmore.

That would be a site
Image only exists in my head at this point

That being said we took our shots as the tourists we were, visiting the gift shop, and loosing Toca. he was no were to be found.
Toca was eventually found by a family that rapped him in a blanket, fed, and burped him then he was returned. A great day all in all at the Mushmore.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


hey there and howdy ho.
In Montana at the moment while sound check is happening. The weather is fine and I am moments away from taking a scooter ride around the venue.
What comes to mind is what I have been reading up on.
What is this word is and how it plays an intricate roll in our life's. It is a normal feeling to think there is a place to get to and that we are working toward something.
A certain amount of money, love, and friends. But what is enough? What is the number. There is no number, there is just this imaginary nirvana that lives in the stories that we make up for ourselves.
There are a lot of pressures we allow to happen. My mother always says " when are you buying me that house?" or "when am I going see you on the tonight show" or something to that fact. As if there is a place to get to for happiness to be achieved.
To me what makes sense is that it is all right here. Right now. Heaven, happiness, abundance.
Take notice to your intentions every day. Take notice to how your day is setting itself up as soon as you get up. Were are your thoughts leading you. For whatever you focus your worship towards there you find your abundance.
here are a few amazing quotes I gathered from the cafe gratitude log book.

"Faith begins with an experiment, and ends with an experience."
W.R. Inge

"Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what man thinks, that he becomes."
The Upanishads

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.What we think we become"

with love


Monday, 21 September 2009

Rainy day in Denver

Howdy ya'll,
My last day in Denver took a turn to the rain. The weather has really held up so far, but I welcome the rain that feeds earth her life juice.
I only have a few minutes before getting my computer checked out at the apple store. Its about due I have owned it for a month.It's about time something went weird."I love technology!"
Denver was an interesting time. i usually do not get a chance to stay in a city for nearly 5 days. people sometimes ask what a city was like when I went there and my answer is "I am not sure, didn't leave the venue".
But this week I was able to get around a bit. One thing Denver did give was the opportunity to catch up with friends. From all around the country that came to the show or live here in Denver that I have not seen in some time.
I love random catch ups with people, then your out again. Then again you are saying to yourself "what just happened". I am not sure were I go next, but I can't wait to see the people I will see, meet, then remember.
Gotta go... just a quick thought.
love ya

Saturday, 19 September 2009

An abundance of bricks

Morning thoughts to my poem group....

Life as we know it is only as far as what we know
the birds, the bees, cars , the snow.

People and meanings and thought is provoked
some good some bad , some happy, and sad

We are born as a miracle on a floating rock
that spins so we think until someone else thinks

What is a thought that makes us believe.
The more we taste touch and see on TV

What should I listen to, and who should I believe?
But to believe in one self is all that is needed.

In a finite mind such as mine
Life is given, then taken and and the middle combines

Story to story. Experience and time
tragedy, and mystery is defined as divine

There is a magic that I'm getting to know
The power of thought and worship shale grow

So be mindful of how your worshiping worships.
Think like shit , and get an abundance of bricks

Think like the heavens exist all around,
and angels create the livings sound.

A friend said:
An abundance of "Thank yous", if this is expressed
( we manifest )
an abundance of things to thankful for, and a million more

So how shall I speak, move, touch and inspire
If all at my fingertips is all I desire

Well that is for me and my magic to be
I shall perform miracles inside of me

for we are all magicians, and miracle makers
god laughs and loves with all of life's takers

so follow the signs that you see with your heart
and make up the rules to each part

the now, the then, the what is next.........is wonderful

Friday, 18 September 2009

Spread the Weird, NC

Thank you to the kind people of Charlotte, NC for being on the weird tip September 10th 09.
I love when people just let go and get crazy with love and self expression.
be cool, be love

a weird wink to you

Thursday, 17 September 2009

On the road, with a lite load

Traveling through Kansas in an interesting fashion. As the rest of the tour went to Tempe to perform at a festival, I continued with the bus crossing hundreds of miles of country. Recently stopping at a rest stop to purchase a "I don't think were in Kansas any more" T-shirt and an ice cream cone that left my stomach a lil upset.

Texas was a great time. We played Austin, Houston, and Dallas over the last 3 days.

Road life is an interesting beast. People are people and you have to respect your boundaries. When your traveling in a "circus" as I like to call this bus and truck tour you need be mindful of human nature and to not take things personal. Everyone is working there nuts off so be considerate and don't get in the way.

There are some road rules to remember.

1.Don't poop on the bus! that's a big one. #1 is okay. #2 you may get a fine. Its just how it goes. I have never used it, but there is whats called "the bag of shame".

2.Wait your turn to ask questions. To consider what the tour manager, and production coordinators, and stage managers, and crew have to accomplish every day is very important.

3.Watch your watch and be on time. You don't want to turn into someone that has to be hunted.

4.Eat good food and exercise. I can't stress this enough. The whole "rock and roll" party till you drop stay up all night mentality is for the birds man. Take care of yourself or you drop.

5.Set your intentions for the day and stay busy. If your on the road and want to create do it. Find the time to get yourself in the mindset of the artist, or whatever you are doing on the road. For that matter even if your on a family trip. Create.

Well these are just some ideas that popped in my head as I am crossing Americas flatland, on my way to Colorado.
I am excited to see my friend "The good doctor reverend D-Funk the fantaboulus". (one of the writers for "Gangster") He is a good friend who I haven't seen in a few years.

Her's to friends and life. On whatever road you take be kind to one another. I also suggest to meet a stranger today.
Be love

This picture is tittled
"Vagina head"

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

9-15-09 Awesome Austin

I woke in Austin today, after nightmares of murder. Every once in a while my head goes to a dark place when I sleep. Now this may or may not be a dark place.
It may be trying to show me something. There has been a death in my dream .The person who has been killed is never clear, and I don't think it matters.
But I spend the whole dream with people in my life or from my past trying to find places to bury and hide the deceased. (I know its morbid, but worth a share)

In my dream I am thinking I am moments from being caught, and that I have to find the secret resting place. I visit places of my childhood , and am always on the run.
I feel these images may be showing me that there is no place to bury your thoughts.
They will always come back to you. The things that you do to yourself to keep you from being "authentic you" will always be present until you face them, However scary they may be.
Even as I write this I think of what I want to say, and how I want to express myself through the day and I tell myself I won't be able to do that, or it's wrong.
So inside there is a roller coaster in my mind..... AND NONE OF IT IS REAL......I MAKE IT ALL UP. As we all do. these feelings, these meanings, these choices we make. We make it all up, and stick wholeheartedly to our made up junk.

I have no advice, just a morbid share that my not be that morbid.
But maybe you have these dreams to. If so i would not focus to much on the death ,but on the re-birth of a beginner YOU!.......just look at yourself and allow whats inside to express itself in a kind and nurturing way.
I guess that was a bit of advise.

Time to walk back to the hotel... through the rad city of Austin.

Patrick Swayze

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Every weekend through this tour there will be new video posts.... Its time to
"SPREAD THE WEIRD" live from boston

Affirmation to for the new run

Tour log the Ride and "Spread the weird" boston

In a hotel in Dallas. Feelin good, and ready to except the next invitation to connect with folks from all over. Rubbin my eyes for the sleepiness of the one glass of beer and flight are settling in.
Do you get so stoked about something even though you are so tired you dont wan't to go to bed. Me tonight.
I think I will say a lil pre show affirmation:

We are dreamers that live in consciousness and unconsciousness worlds of manifestation.
We have choice and choose to touch, move, and inspire.
We are gifted listeners, and dedicated lovers,
For the art of language moves us .
From laughter to tears
Through Joy and pain,
It is all on miraculous experience.
Through all our meaning we putt to things.
We are grateful, graceful craftspeople of life.
Thank you for the miracle.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

Boston..Spread the Weird August 5th

Bring whatever talent you have
to the hatch shell and let the weirdness
begin. Anything from freestyles, to juggling
to magic.. no rules! I will be there
with my bag of tricks and hopes to share a
good time with all of you. Tell your friends
and don’t be shy! Come out and play

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday, 23 July 2009

I made it to day one of tour

Im in bed, ready to pass out. (an applause comes on the radio, not sure why).
I am here in Baltimore. day one of tour.
I am really here just to say hi, and give you a cyber hug.
...im a sleeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

last 2 shows in San Diego before tour




















Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I am pretty stoked on this.....


Friday, 19 June 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

"Gangsta" on Rachel Ray with Jutin Kredible

Hey there lovers,
Here is a clip from Rachel Ray were my buddy Justin Kredible used "Gangsta" on one of his illusions.... Magic is real.

Monday, 11 May 2009

San Fran and a lil Gratitude

05/21/2009 08:00 PM @ Tiple Crown
Greatful Mind and Body Health Collective
1670 Market
San Fransisco, California
Cost:Sliding Scale
with Justin Kredible, Make Peace Brothers,DJ Divinity

Grateful Mind and Body Health Collective
Hors doeuvres by Cafe Gratitude.



Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hal is beautiful


My friend Hal Pittaway from Cleveland Ohio Made this video from his heart.
Thanks Hal.
When someone takes your work through inspiration it Vibrates at a higher level.
Art,consciousness, and awareness are all in good Karma when this happens.
I love magic

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Right now is right now and right now I am “right nowing” it in Florence Alabama. Once again I have the privilege to hang out with my buddy Spooner Oldham.

He invited me to hang with him at a recording session with a buddy of his from the band “Igor’s Jazz Cowboys”. I love that name.

I arrived yesterday after a rainy drive from Birmingham. Spooner and I kicked it for the afternoon exchanging jokes and stories. I spent time reading his gold and platinum albums hung with love in the kitchen of his Alabama home.
Spooner and I share the same joy in bad jokes, and taking the story a bit to long looking for the oddities to poke fun at. Yesterday someone called (wrong #) and left a message with a request for swimming lessons. WE looked at each other with puzzlement when Spooner said “ Well, I could call her back and tell her to start by workin on floating”. Man that cracked me up.

Just a bit about Spooner. He has played on all my releases and produced the Ghetto Blaster EP. On the others you have heard him on “Creatures in the yard” , and “When I’m Loving you”.
Spooner was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this year (I was there….epic), and the Musicians Hall of Fame last year for his work since the 60’s.
The thing about Spooner is that you know his work without even knowing it….
He is a legacy to all genres of music. With Collaborations including: Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Percey Sledge, Wilson Picket, Janis Joplin, and many more. Spooner has co -written such songs as "I’m your puppet" and "a women left lonely". He is one of my biggest inspirations. (go to www.spooneroldham.com for more info)

It’s great to be in the studio with him. His laid back approach and dedication to quality is a wonderful lesson to any aspiring recording artist. He said to me in his yard yesterday about recording “Hold back a little, and let go a lot”. That’s Spooner in a nut shell.

We are about to wrap up the session here in a minute and probably get a lil Waffle House or Cracker Barrel. (two of Spooner’s Favorites)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Stuck in a Tornado

May 3rd 09 Birmingham AL

Stuck in a Tornado

Could the eye of a storm wink at me?
“Was that storm winking at me?”
I winked back, ran through a puddle and now find you more cyber then real……. But I know your out there.
I know your out there doing things. If a person is doing one thing in another place ,and you are not there to see them do it. Did they really do it.
In your reality the answer is NO.
But what does that mean?

It means that there is only moments of moments and that’s all reality is for us. There is nothing more, and nothing less.
So stop writing the illusion picture book in your head about what you should be , and just be.
You are a human … being. So just be. Be content . Why reach for something that is not there.
The Illusion of success, of what your "this and that" should look like, what your bank account should be up to.
That is not real. Only what is right in front of you is. This , the words you are reading. Not truth, Just real.

Love you guys

This weekend has been a blast. The Alabama Craw fish boil was a hit. I opened the show with Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” and Snoop ended it with Ironically “Burning down the house” (another talking house cover). Nice to be full circle.
I was able to catch Snoops show back stage...that was wild.

The night before Jason played. I was able to sit in with him. In front of about 20,000 we did “fall through glass” . Tawney and Trish Hula Hooped during, and I was so happy.
(This pic is crazy. I was 20 feet from the hoop but we are connected....thanks ladies. My hips are almost healed)

photo by Anya Marina
That many people in the crowd become a love sea that I plan to surf on one day.

I was so tired the whole weekend due to jet lag and not turning my phone off at night. But I actually napped in-between sets on Saturday. I got up in time for dinner and some handshakes and high fives with some other band mates. The rain never touched down during the festival, but as soon as it ended god said. “I NEED TO PEE” and is still going.

We just found out that a tornado touched down a town over and we all took shelter in a diner and had stakes of un-fulfilling pancakes.
(Nothing like the sexy cakes back home)

During the festival and this morning the sounds of Tornado sirens rang through town.

But the siren in my heart was heard by the Tornado and it replied. “Damn! I better find shelter”

More form the me later.

Quote of the weekend:
(this was a friends Mad Lib from when he was a kid.)



(couple more shots from Sydney: photos by Milan)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Air World

Well. … here I am . Back in the states, In a sleepy state of affairs. Dallas airport to be exact. The great figure eight. If you have never been in this airport it’s a nut factory. Filled with express trains that take you half way around Texas to get to you destination. I feel like the “good ol boys” in this airport do not understand the bush man very well. On a side note the Australians let me know that Bushwalla means “Man of the Bush”. my reply: shit yes! (I am not sure what shit yes means)
So back to the Texas Teamsters. With my mountain of oddities they look me up and down with a “I will make you into Buffalo Jerky after I throw you into a wood chipper “ look. I want to go up to these denim loving, scared to cross there legs, boys and say “ I am me motherfucker”, but instead I give them my best street fighters face and hope it works. What does it matter. I bring this on myself.
But myself enjoys myself. I have been dating me for 33 years. NO affairs , no cheating with a different me . Just me loving me , being me. “F” em. ,and Love em.
When flying I feel as if it is like shooting craps. (now on my 11th flight since I left the country) You roll the dice at security, and you either get a security guard with a personal problem with you and your existence. Or you get light conversation.
Then you roll again…. "give me a good seat!, NO Babies!, No burger King eating smell fest, No person that wants to talk the whole time…..Give me a Hottie to sit next to” Damn I rolled a middle seat with two giants that I'm sitting in between , and there goes my arm rests.
Everyone has there things that bother them. I am a pretty patient understanding nice guy. But, I have trouble with folks touching me with there arms, or men that have to sit in buffalo saddle position so we all know that he is header sexual , and likes to let his balls breath.
But in all honesty flying is an amazing experience if you allow it to be, and when the security check lady is yelling at you, and you keep making the buzzer go off. Remember its not you. Its always someone dealing with something that’s going on with them. Be courteous, gentle and slow down. Stretch when you are at the airport, and talk quiet on your cell . Be the flier you want everyone else to be…. Oh and invest in ear plugs and sleeping aids.

Listen to Bob Marley

Love you guys

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Though you broke my glass…. Im higher than ever

Remember Anzac Day
Live from Australia its Bushwalla and the Rad people that got me here.
Chillin at the moment in Perth with a friend who (with the help of a few others) flew me out
so I could experience this wonderful land for the first time.
This has been a dream of mine to come and spend time in Australia and now it really happened, and the fact that I get to meet people and travel through music makes it all the better.

I started off in Sydney with a series of shows. A couple club shows, and a house show. I started meeting what has turned out to be new and amazing friends. That’s one thing I really love about traveling. Meeting the people I have been waiting to meet . Even if I didn’t know I was going to meet them. I feel we should look forward to that in life…the people we have not met. They may be your new best friend, lover, or just a rad dude.

Speaking of rad. The people in Aus are super nice. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the aussie folk. Lending me places to stay, food , and transportation wherever I go.

So after a few days in Sydney (including my first “shrimp on the barbi” bbq. Were I learned how to peal a shit sack out of a prawn) Milan and I flew to Byron Bay.

Before I go on I have to tell you about Milan “sonofabitch”. This super friend has helped me out up and beyond the call of duty. With his kindness and huge heart he helped make my stay here quit joyous. Thank you friend.

Back to Byron Bay blues festival. My bro Mc Raz was on the bill and we rolled into this blast of blues and pop festival with stylish fashion. The festival was rainy and muddy, But a great time. I was bare foot through a foot of mud all day. It was like earth had a case of “mud butt” and it gathered there. The mud did help with soothing my bug bites on my feet and ankles.
Jason’s set was great with 6,000 people watching. When “I’m yours” Kicked in the place went off. So incredible.

For his song “Butterfly” my other roomy Trisha and I went out for a hula hoop demo and we didn’t drop once. That was the high light of my hula career as of yet.
Another interesting thing at Byron bay. My friends the “Drive by Truckers” were there. They (among having there own set) were the band for Booker T. Jones. And as we were having some diner Shauna from the Truckers called me over to meet Booker T and I had a 20 minute conversation on “Optimism”…. what a cool man.

After the blues fest I flew back to Sydney to sit in on a couple of Jason’s shows. Again amazing experiences were to happen. Jason is at the Top of his game and I am in aw of my buddy Kickin so much ass. In the closing moments of the show he invites me to sit in with a Mraz style version of “Fall Through Glass”.
(In sound check we came up with another version…. ”Though I do your ass… and Though I wax my ass”.
Thank you JD)

Jason, Toca, and I did a last minute secret show at the “basement” in Sydney. 100 peeps showed up and we made up yet another and freaky show . Full of debauchery, connection, and love.

Sydney is a cool kind of metropolis were I made the mistake of getting acupuncture in mall. My first experience with “the puncture” and It was terrible. Noisy mall , with uneducated sticker people. I felt weird for days and thought I had permanent damage until the numbness finally wore off.

From there I fly to Melbourne for a couple house shows and an in store performance. I again sat in on the Mraz gigs and the house shows were great. I really fell in love with Melbourne. The suburbs were great and the city was beautiful. Pure Pop records is were I had my in store performance. This is a great indie record store with a café and stage. Great Ideas there. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC STORES.
My Melbourne house shows were for the people that flew me out, and I want to make a special thanks and acknowledgement to them . Thank you Connor, Kershia, Xandie, Kelly, Andy, Stef, Will, Alia, Paul, Emma, Marcus, Jodi……..also all the friends that I met along the way. On the Sunday show (conors house) we were under the stars and relaxed. While the show went down we were visited by the local possums., and that night they visited me outside my window. The noise these things make at night are frightening. Sounds Like a grumpy witch with a bad case of whooping cough.

I spent an extra day in Melbourne juggling with my bro before he shipped off to the states. Keep fuckin it up buddy.
In Melbourne we watched these huge flaming towers at night. They go off on the hour and blow 20 foot fire balls. It was so hot you could feel it on your face. This was a great night on the river.

I am now in Perth. My last stop for shows. I was able to perform for the Aus ABC network. Check out the previous blog.

We has a day off today and my friend Kershia took me around town. We went to a great market were I bought all my souvenirs and late B day presents. I saw a street performer there who was really funny and reminded me of were I come from. I salute all street performers around the world . You are the culture of our profession.

On the way home we stopped at the beach to catch a sunset. I did jumps and cart wheels and put my feet in the water. The water was warm and I was feeling alright. When we walked back to the car to our surprise the back window of the car was busted out and glass was everywhere. The gifts I just bought were gone. I looked around…..no one to be found. A couple locals came over to console and offer a hug. I was bummed for a moment because the gifts I purchased were not for me, but perfect for my friends.
What was the lesson? I thought to myself. Then It came to me. This thief became my Zen Master. He showed me that material is nothing. It had nothing to do with me and I have the choice at this moment to not react at all. To simply just continue with my day, and not allow this to get under my skin. A window can be fixed, my presents were second to me being present to reality. To life.

Now I am here. I am. I love. And im ready for the next moment. Here it is and there it went…..

Though you break my glass …..I’m higher then ever