Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mt Mushmouth

MT. Mushmouth

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a historical landmark. Mount Rushmore.
I hopped in a van with some of the Mraz band. Eric, Toca, Leroy, Fernie, and Reggie. The jokes were in full effect as we took the 40 min. drive thru the beautiful South Dakota landscape.
The town that you drive past on your way is this cute lil tourist town that I would love to take my parents to one day. It would have been great to have stopped, but didn't have the time.
On this trip I found a hidden talent. I have a decent imitation of "Fat Albert". Nothing to write home about,but worth a blog. Leroy rocks a nice "Mushmouth" and together we were honoring Bill Cosby's dream of the junk yard gang.
Then we arrived at Rushmore. I must say we were probably the oddest and youngest group there that day. As you walk down the path to the "Stoners" there are a series of patriotic flags.... I liked this build up

Then there we were, and the only two things I could think of were.
1. Man these guys are stoned.
2. I would of loved if George Jefferson, Weezy, JJ, and re-run had there own MT Mushmore.

That would be a site
Image only exists in my head at this point

That being said we took our shots as the tourists we were, visiting the gift shop, and loosing Toca. he was no were to be found.
Toca was eventually found by a family that rapped him in a blanket, fed, and burped him then he was returned. A great day all in all at the Mushmore.


  1. I've always wanted to visit MT Rushmore. it's on my list of TO DO'S. someday I will check it off of that list.

    hope you're having yourself an AWESOME day Billy.

  2. Thats awesome!!!... *picturing someone burping Toca*... that had me ro-lling! Oh my, oh my!!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place, that you had fun!

  4. Mt. Rushmore ftw. Makes me proud to live in South Dakota :D

  5. bushwalllaa!!!!!!!! was that lil tourist town called "wall, sd" cuz i live there =) that'd be cool. you rockk!!

  6. Hey there Bushwalla...i'm from Cleveland and I was in SD at the show on tue.sep, 22. First time I've seen rock!! I too took a lil visit to Mt. Rushmore on wednesday. Glad you had fun!