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This is a story of 4 men in a dream like state. Out of our minds in the outback. A place called the outback for the simple reason that it is out back.

Australia is our location. Sydney to be kind of exact. Well not really.
Steve, Milan,
Motil and myself are moments away from entering the Pete’s ridge music festival to open our tour. The faint sound of exotic birds in the background, beautiful terrain, lovely weather and a dream to take over the world. One laugh at a time. These buddies that I am traveling with are a wonderful source of life.
I have been looking forward to this trip, but have been a bit distracted by my own nutty moments.
Recently, experience grabbed me by the balls and spit me out a new man. Now I don’t mean there was not a ton of tears and frustration that I created involved, but after the storm cleared I feel free again.
Okay….. My story is jumping around a bit I know , but I have not bloged in so long there is a bunch to catch up on.
First…That would be a great place to start.
I am no longer a San Diego resident. My new place of dwelling…… “Dred locks” couch. AKA Keith Benton my percussionist and life long friend .
I made the decision in England while touring there a month ago.
During this time something came over me. It’s time for a change, and to approch life with the fire that burns in the pits of my stomach. To reform, re-invent the fire of hell, and the love of heaven that burns inside all of us… what theatrics I create.
I have been living in sadness for some time. I had become recluse and an anger started to brew inside of me for no reason. I had everything going my way, but happiness. I was creating myself as a sad unworthy person. More and more people were coming up to me saying, “You alright man?” And “what’s wrong? Your not yourself.”
This is not the guy I want to hang out with. You can’t run away from yourself (the bob Marley line a nutty militant man told me in a hash bar in Amsterdam in 2003, whilst scaring the shit out of me).
I started to think of the “now” moment I was not living in. Living just in the stories in my head that the voice was telling me was true. Now I know that is not the real me. The lover of life, people, and experience. The guy that I know myself to be.
So when I got home I packed my bags, and put my whole life in storage…. almost my whole life. Something’s I let go. I miss you.
It is amazing to see your whole life in a 4x7 closet in Van Nuys.
After my relocation to LA I gathered the forces of the most supernatural musicians I know and started making a new album. I love it already. The process of being in the studio, being in LA, back on a bike with a Giraffes head horn, and a yellow “bench warmers” bike helmet that makes me look like the short bus WAS the correct bus for me to ride in junior high.
Wait, “did he say that girl? Oh, Girl yes he did girl”(I love NYC).
I am back on a bike. A Jammis Civilian 24 speed kick as red bicycle that takes me were I need to go, while toning my ass. It Is a humbling experience to go from the avocado farm and the easiness of San Diego, my coffee shop, and local lovers to sharing Keith’s couch with his cat, and re-learning the public transit system. I must say on a side note that the bus is real reality TV. I love the guys that come on and rap out load, really fucking loud. I almost want to say “shut your pie whole”, but I hold the space for them to express themselves the way god intended them to. I think Jesus was a pot-smoking hippie, and god invented LSD so the almighty can take it, and laugh at his creation. And what a creation it is. Who else could take dust and make it life, inside life, inside life…forever.
Okay we are getting there in this catch up story, can’t wait for the mustard…. Catch up story… never mind. I love you
Xmas came and went as it does. I hope all of you had, and are having an amazing journey through the season of biblical perorations.
My Xmas was great we burned a fire all day in love, watched movies, shared stories and great food that did not take that long to make.
The day after I took a cab, to a train from LA to San Diego. Then got in a cab to my local O. Side coffee pub, to a friends house. Then hitched a ride to SD airport (wrong terminal) to a bus to the correct terminal. Got on a plane BACK TO LA. (Don’t ask, or ? me)
4 hour lay over, until our 14-hour flight to Sydney. I travel for 28 hours.
BTW Delta has wonderful movie selections on over seas flights.
I started this blog yesterday, now it is today and we had our first show at the Pete Ridge festival. They may of called it the Bushwalla wet dream fest (I haven’t had a wet dream in 6 months….er….)
The festival was filled with Music, Sustainable everything, jugglers, hoopers, Bohemian circus’s, and hotties. What more can a silly American clown ask for?
Steve played at 4pm and I was blown away. I have not seen him play solo in probably 5 years, and I was so pleased to watch him. Such a great songwriter, guitar player, and stand up guy. So funny. One of my favorite moments is when he goes up to random folks and says “I’M STEVE” in a rain man type of tone…. god that cracks me up. You would probably have to be hear for that one to sink in, But I am truly honored to be with such a lover of life, and to be in the presence of someone who has not forgotten how to play with everyone.
I played in a tent called th “CHI PALACE” and that’s what it was.
You had to check your shoes at the entrance of the tent, and they served chi hot/cold and cookies. The audience in this area was able to lay down and kick back on Turkish pillows, and lil couches.
I went out as I usually do with a swing in my step and a high five for everyone. Opening line. Sung, “I come from a land up over.”

The audience was great, as I entered I heard someone say “I love you Bushwalla” and “I replied I love you too”, and I felt at home. After the show folks that were just lovely greeted me. One person handing me affirmation prayer flags. I was happy to except them, and another tied a ribbon around my arm. The whole festival is in a valley, so we are surrounded by the “out back”.
Day turned to night and we ended with amazing green curry in down town Sydney. Were I got the “big eye” from a dude…..

Now I sit ready for 2nd show at the festival. I am in my hotel 3/4 of the way done with my Crapachino. And I just ran out of words… so I will leave you with this.

In the words of HADD 1
“have a XXX mas, Kinky Kwanza, and a horny Chanukah".
Happy new year, and safe travels. If you have to much to drink or smoke or whatever you do. Give someone your keys…at the beginning of the night. JUST DO IT.

Also,…When your getting kinky at Kinkos……
Remember to laminate!

Many blessings

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