Monday, 28 September 2009

"Until The End Of......" G. Love

This is a new series called "Until the end of...." look out for more coming soon.
This episode features G. Love, and his laundry. thanks G.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mt Mushmouth

MT. Mushmouth

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a historical landmark. Mount Rushmore.
I hopped in a van with some of the Mraz band. Eric, Toca, Leroy, Fernie, and Reggie. The jokes were in full effect as we took the 40 min. drive thru the beautiful South Dakota landscape.
The town that you drive past on your way is this cute lil tourist town that I would love to take my parents to one day. It would have been great to have stopped, but didn't have the time.
On this trip I found a hidden talent. I have a decent imitation of "Fat Albert". Nothing to write home about,but worth a blog. Leroy rocks a nice "Mushmouth" and together we were honoring Bill Cosby's dream of the junk yard gang.
Then we arrived at Rushmore. I must say we were probably the oddest and youngest group there that day. As you walk down the path to the "Stoners" there are a series of patriotic flags.... I liked this build up

Then there we were, and the only two things I could think of were.
1. Man these guys are stoned.
2. I would of loved if George Jefferson, Weezy, JJ, and re-run had there own MT Mushmore.

That would be a site
Image only exists in my head at this point

That being said we took our shots as the tourists we were, visiting the gift shop, and loosing Toca. he was no were to be found.
Toca was eventually found by a family that rapped him in a blanket, fed, and burped him then he was returned. A great day all in all at the Mushmore.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


hey there and howdy ho.
In Montana at the moment while sound check is happening. The weather is fine and I am moments away from taking a scooter ride around the venue.
What comes to mind is what I have been reading up on.
What is this word is and how it plays an intricate roll in our life's. It is a normal feeling to think there is a place to get to and that we are working toward something.
A certain amount of money, love, and friends. But what is enough? What is the number. There is no number, there is just this imaginary nirvana that lives in the stories that we make up for ourselves.
There are a lot of pressures we allow to happen. My mother always says " when are you buying me that house?" or "when am I going see you on the tonight show" or something to that fact. As if there is a place to get to for happiness to be achieved.
To me what makes sense is that it is all right here. Right now. Heaven, happiness, abundance.
Take notice to your intentions every day. Take notice to how your day is setting itself up as soon as you get up. Were are your thoughts leading you. For whatever you focus your worship towards there you find your abundance.
here are a few amazing quotes I gathered from the cafe gratitude log book.

"Faith begins with an experiment, and ends with an experience."
W.R. Inge

"Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what man thinks, that he becomes."
The Upanishads

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.What we think we become"

with love

Monday, 21 September 2009

Rainy day in Denver

Howdy ya'll,
My last day in Denver took a turn to the rain. The weather has really held up so far, but I welcome the rain that feeds earth her life juice.
I only have a few minutes before getting my computer checked out at the apple store. Its about due I have owned it for a month.It's about time something went weird."I love technology!"
Denver was an interesting time. i usually do not get a chance to stay in a city for nearly 5 days. people sometimes ask what a city was like when I went there and my answer is "I am not sure, didn't leave the venue".
But this week I was able to get around a bit. One thing Denver did give was the opportunity to catch up with friends. From all around the country that came to the show or live here in Denver that I have not seen in some time.
I love random catch ups with people, then your out again. Then again you are saying to yourself "what just happened". I am not sure were I go next, but I can't wait to see the people I will see, meet, then remember.
Gotta go... just a quick thought.
love ya

Saturday, 19 September 2009

An abundance of bricks

Morning thoughts to my poem group....

Life as we know it is only as far as what we know
the birds, the bees, cars , the snow.

People and meanings and thought is provoked
some good some bad , some happy, and sad

We are born as a miracle on a floating rock
that spins so we think until someone else thinks

What is a thought that makes us believe.
The more we taste touch and see on TV

What should I listen to, and who should I believe?
But to believe in one self is all that is needed.

In a finite mind such as mine
Life is given, then taken and and the middle combines

Story to story. Experience and time
tragedy, and mystery is defined as divine

There is a magic that I'm getting to know
The power of thought and worship shale grow

So be mindful of how your worshiping worships.
Think like shit , and get an abundance of bricks

Think like the heavens exist all around,
and angels create the livings sound.

A friend said:
An abundance of "Thank yous", if this is expressed
( we manifest )
an abundance of things to thankful for, and a million more

So how shall I speak, move, touch and inspire
If all at my fingertips is all I desire

Well that is for me and my magic to be
I shall perform miracles inside of me

for we are all magicians, and miracle makers
god laughs and loves with all of life's takers

so follow the signs that you see with your heart
and make up the rules to each part

the now, the then, the what is wonderful

Friday, 18 September 2009

Spread the Weird, NC

Thank you to the kind people of Charlotte, NC for being on the weird tip September 10th 09.
I love when people just let go and get crazy with love and self expression.
be cool, be love

a weird wink to you

Thursday, 17 September 2009

On the road, with a lite load

Traveling through Kansas in an interesting fashion. As the rest of the tour went to Tempe to perform at a festival, I continued with the bus crossing hundreds of miles of country. Recently stopping at a rest stop to purchase a "I don't think were in Kansas any more" T-shirt and an ice cream cone that left my stomach a lil upset.

Texas was a great time. We played Austin, Houston, and Dallas over the last 3 days.

Road life is an interesting beast. People are people and you have to respect your boundaries. When your traveling in a "circus" as I like to call this bus and truck tour you need be mindful of human nature and to not take things personal. Everyone is working there nuts off so be considerate and don't get in the way.

There are some road rules to remember.

1.Don't poop on the bus! that's a big one. #1 is okay. #2 you may get a fine. Its just how it goes. I have never used it, but there is whats called "the bag of shame".

2.Wait your turn to ask questions. To consider what the tour manager, and production coordinators, and stage managers, and crew have to accomplish every day is very important.

3.Watch your watch and be on time. You don't want to turn into someone that has to be hunted.

4.Eat good food and exercise. I can't stress this enough. The whole "rock and roll" party till you drop stay up all night mentality is for the birds man. Take care of yourself or you drop.

5.Set your intentions for the day and stay busy. If your on the road and want to create do it. Find the time to get yourself in the mindset of the artist, or whatever you are doing on the road. For that matter even if your on a family trip. Create.

Well these are just some ideas that popped in my head as I am crossing Americas flatland, on my way to Colorado.
I am excited to see my friend "The good doctor reverend D-Funk the fantaboulus". (one of the writers for "Gangster") He is a good friend who I haven't seen in a few years.

Her's to friends and life. On whatever road you take be kind to one another. I also suggest to meet a stranger today.
Be love

This picture is tittled
"Vagina head"

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

9-15-09 Awesome Austin

I woke in Austin today, after nightmares of murder. Every once in a while my head goes to a dark place when I sleep. Now this may or may not be a dark place.
It may be trying to show me something. There has been a death in my dream .The person who has been killed is never clear, and I don't think it matters.
But I spend the whole dream with people in my life or from my past trying to find places to bury and hide the deceased. (I know its morbid, but worth a share)

In my dream I am thinking I am moments from being caught, and that I have to find the secret resting place. I visit places of my childhood , and am always on the run.
I feel these images may be showing me that there is no place to bury your thoughts.
They will always come back to you. The things that you do to yourself to keep you from being "authentic you" will always be present until you face them, However scary they may be.
Even as I write this I think of what I want to say, and how I want to express myself through the day and I tell myself I won't be able to do that, or it's wrong.
So inside there is a roller coaster in my mind..... AND NONE OF IT IS REAL......I MAKE IT ALL UP. As we all do. these feelings, these meanings, these choices we make. We make it all up, and stick wholeheartedly to our made up junk.

I have no advice, just a morbid share that my not be that morbid.
But maybe you have these dreams to. If so i would not focus to much on the death ,but on the re-birth of a beginner YOU!.......just look at yourself and allow whats inside to express itself in a kind and nurturing way.
I guess that was a bit of advise.

Time to walk back to the hotel... through the rad city of Austin.

Patrick Swayze

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Every weekend through this tour there will be new video posts.... Its time to
"SPREAD THE WEIRD" live from boston

Affirmation to for the new run

Tour log the Ride and "Spread the weird" boston

In a hotel in Dallas. Feelin good, and ready to except the next invitation to connect with folks from all over. Rubbin my eyes for the sleepiness of the one glass of beer and flight are settling in.
Do you get so stoked about something even though you are so tired you dont wan't to go to bed. Me tonight.
I think I will say a lil pre show affirmation:

We are dreamers that live in consciousness and unconsciousness worlds of manifestation.
We have choice and choose to touch, move, and inspire.
We are gifted listeners, and dedicated lovers,
For the art of language moves us .
From laughter to tears
Through Joy and pain,
It is all on miraculous experience.
Through all our meaning we putt to things.
We are grateful, graceful craftspeople of life.
Thank you for the miracle.