Monday, 21 September 2009

Rainy day in Denver

Howdy ya'll,
My last day in Denver took a turn to the rain. The weather has really held up so far, but I welcome the rain that feeds earth her life juice.
I only have a few minutes before getting my computer checked out at the apple store. Its about due I have owned it for a month.It's about time something went weird."I love technology!"
Denver was an interesting time. i usually do not get a chance to stay in a city for nearly 5 days. people sometimes ask what a city was like when I went there and my answer is "I am not sure, didn't leave the venue".
But this week I was able to get around a bit. One thing Denver did give was the opportunity to catch up with friends. From all around the country that came to the show or live here in Denver that I have not seen in some time.
I love random catch ups with people, then your out again. Then again you are saying to yourself "what just happened". I am not sure were I go next, but I can't wait to see the people I will see, meet, then remember.
Gotta go... just a quick thought.
love ya


  1. my moms about an hour away in woodland park...its snowing there right now... shes lovin it! I hear Denver is an awesome place(and boulder) my understanding is that the majority of people like to think outside the box so-to-speak. The world needs more people gettin outa tha box! its cramped and uncomfortable in there! Have a great Day!

  2. A month! In these times you could call your computer obsolete after having it for a month. Aahh the circle of virtual life!

  3. funny, my laptop monitor just went out and i've only had the darn thing for five months. they don't make these things as durable as they used to. now i've got my laptop hooked up to this huge ass old school monitor, yet i'm grateful it even works. :)

  4. I had my labbie 5 months before it crashed on me. freakin technology. lol. gotta love it!

  5. Remember that time you played at red Rocks?! ;)

  6. Just a quick? I guess that's better than nothing babe ;D

  7. I love seeing you , Your a Perfect example of someone who follows their dreams !!! You have been such an Inspiration to my boys :-]
    Thank You

  8. Hey, Billy... I got a magic trick for you...