Thursday, 17 September 2009

On the road, with a lite load

Traveling through Kansas in an interesting fashion. As the rest of the tour went to Tempe to perform at a festival, I continued with the bus crossing hundreds of miles of country. Recently stopping at a rest stop to purchase a "I don't think were in Kansas any more" T-shirt and an ice cream cone that left my stomach a lil upset.

Texas was a great time. We played Austin, Houston, and Dallas over the last 3 days.

Road life is an interesting beast. People are people and you have to respect your boundaries. When your traveling in a "circus" as I like to call this bus and truck tour you need be mindful of human nature and to not take things personal. Everyone is working there nuts off so be considerate and don't get in the way.

There are some road rules to remember.

1.Don't poop on the bus! that's a big one. #1 is okay. #2 you may get a fine. Its just how it goes. I have never used it, but there is whats called "the bag of shame".

2.Wait your turn to ask questions. To consider what the tour manager, and production coordinators, and stage managers, and crew have to accomplish every day is very important.

3.Watch your watch and be on time. You don't want to turn into someone that has to be hunted.

4.Eat good food and exercise. I can't stress this enough. The whole "rock and roll" party till you drop stay up all night mentality is for the birds man. Take care of yourself or you drop.

5.Set your intentions for the day and stay busy. If your on the road and want to create do it. Find the time to get yourself in the mindset of the artist, or whatever you are doing on the road. For that matter even if your on a family trip. Create.

Well these are just some ideas that popped in my head as I am crossing Americas flatland, on my way to Colorado.
I am excited to see my friend "The good doctor reverend D-Funk the fantaboulus". (one of the writers for "Gangster") He is a good friend who I haven't seen in a few years.

Her's to friends and life. On whatever road you take be kind to one another. I also suggest to meet a stranger today.
Be love

This picture is tittled
"Vagina head"


  1. I will keep all of this in mind when I take my piano friend, Scot, on our world tour 2009 entitled "Takin it to the Streets". We will be doing covers of Fine Young Cannibals and Roxette songs. Come one come all, we will be rocking IHOPs all over this great land.

  2. wow, that pic was...interesting! :) I saw the pics of the stage in co, it looks like awesomeness to the fullest power! my mom lives out there and I was thinking... I wonder if $400. for a plane ticket would be doable...ummm no, but it is so tempting to blow rent and go to a concert halfway accross the country! but I know better... sometimes its best not to be too spontenious(or stupid)! Ill wait for farm aid in st.louis...its closer and more practical...too bad you wont be there though... enjoy your trip to CO and enjoy the flatlands, I have some family out that way in kansas and CO... the flint hills are spectacular this time of year when the grass starts to change colors...but you probably arent going that far east huh?


  3. haha.. that's a very very VERY hairy vagina, don't you think?! hahaha If you ever in your life see one of this.. RUN Boy... RUN auhuahahuuahuah cause it's not HUMAN!

    Ok Ok.. now done with vaginas --

    Your FIRST rule, for no poop on the BUS is the MOST important of all.. A GREAT idea is writing a sign with the words "pee only" and put it on the door the person will realize It's not a good idea to poop there! hahaha. It works [belive me.. I did it on my bathroom when we got some pipe problems, and it really works]

    "I also suggest to meet a stranger today" -- That's really nice! But I'll try to do this tomorrow, cause today is already 8:19PM in Brasil and I'm ready to eat.. watch some TV... and than GO to bed. haha

    See You Bush! Take care..

  4. Your vagina head turns me on. :]

  5. you seen some funny vaginas boy?? haha :) Look forward to the next blog Bushwalla... you make me smile, so THANKYOU! :)

  6. everything about you makes me laugh. in a good way. :) you are amazing!!