Monday, 28 September 2009

"Until The End Of......" G. Love

This is a new series called "Until the end of...." look out for more coming soon.
This episode features G. Love, and his laundry. thanks G.


  1. Love the idea of this interview. And G Love is great, one of my fav!!! Thanx for this video!!!
    You are the best ;)

  2. agreed.. this is a great series title...endless possibilities... I <3 random! Thanks!

  3. Ohh!! that was really nice!! I loved the interview! But you forgot about BRASIL and SAMBA!! hehe.. it's ok cause you said you love latin woman, so I forgive YOU.
    Omg G. was riding a bike in the hallway, that's so cool.. why people never let me do that? haha
    "Till the end of..." can't wait for the next episode! haha
    Kisses ;**

  4. Never have I been more sad coming to the end of a hallway. I want to see more interviewing!

    Thank you for coming to Bremerton, Billy. :) You and Mike were great yesterday night. My friends and I battled the rain and cold and rode the ferry to come see you!