Friday, 2 October 2009

Dr. Feelgood

Living live lovingly while lifting hearts including my own.

YO yo. I have been feeling a bit low since my b-day. Low in health that is. I realized I have been slurp'n a few to many java's, To many fatty breakfasts, to much red meat. Then heart burn come a knockin on the door and invites himself in, and reclines on my heart like a sofa, and he aint leavin till the diet is in check.
Today after love set sail back to SD, I went to the rehearsal room and stretched, while having a talk with this body. What did I say?

"Get up ya bum, I didn't hear no bell"

So I continued to stretch, think, and plant my intentions for the night. Ignoring my body aches, I pressed on with creation. Creation! I LOVE CREATION! I really do. The feeling you get when you make something up from thin air is amazing. Were does it come from? I don't know. But i thank the source for the desire to express through the outlet of creation.

So I made up an interesting way to open the show. I was wearing two suits at the same time. FUN!

Now I had creation and fun happening. This is what drives me. I looked around the dressing room and Jason and all of his band mates were putting there duck tape mustaches on and getting ready to back up the Bush W. show. Now my friends were involved. Now, Creation , fun, and friends......forget about it. i was feeling super. And even as I sit here and write this to you I hear my friend on the loud speaker tearing it up, and making them laugh.(Jason is a funny fucker, that's one thing I really love about the dude)
Now during my show I was having fun, while creating with my friends, and a power surged through my body. I felt light and young. I ran to the middle of the crowd and got up on the seats and walked across the tops of the chairs in front of 2500 with no nervousness at all. Just love for the moment, and I felt like flying.
After I got off stage I ran out to meet and great as many as I could then ran back to intro my buddy for his killer show........

Life is truly an amazing miracle, though it does not always show up that way for you.
Keep going , keep driving, keep taking chances, keep believing in yourself, keep sharing, keep loving, keep growing, keep showing, keep on keepin on.
Be Love


  1. I Love this's SO true. I feel this way all the time now.Life truly is a MIRACLE !!
    Glad to hear your feeling the LOVE again :-]
    keep on keepin on

  2. i'm happy to hear you're feeling better. :)

  3. i was at the show tonight and you were so great! in all the concerts i've been to, your opener was definitely the best and most heartfelt. i had no idea you were under the weather and now appreciate your creativity even more. thanks for a fantastical experience - you were amazing!

  4. saw you in calgary tonight. appreciation and love.

  5. Absolutely! So very very true :).
    And while I agree that Jason is hilarious, I think you're equally funny, B man! My brother and I actually had more fun at your lrc at Schubas than we did at Jason's concert the next day!

    So here's to feeling better, loving life, and being what you eat!

  6. Here's a treatment to keep all the energy channels of your body open and flowing:

    "Every day, in every way, my body is nourished by the rich substance of the Universe. I am physically thriving."

    Use it before your meals, especially those one's you feel are bad for your body.

    I love the love you are!


  7. there are very few things that beat that feeling! congrats on having it!! and hopefully it will come more often!

  8. Sometimes I feel like I am on crazy pills! Like I am not understood, alone, and the worry creeps in and his friends are fear, pain, and hopelessness.......then by chance a friend calls me with a Jason Mraz ticket the day of the concert and I meet you Mr.Bushwalla. Then I go home sing and dance. Cry. Write. Read your blog. And remember Love...not looovee but Love. Love and its connecting of all of us. Thank you...for letting it flow through and Mraz renewed my belief in the human soul. And I guess in my own soul hahaha if I am honest.

  9. Im amazed by the way something that in a moment can seem so complex, can be written in such simply beautiful words. Being love. One may take that leap of faith in any moment and see the whole world transform around you. Thanx.

  10. Great picture, by the way. I've always thought you have a loving face.

  11. I LOVE CREATION TOO!!! I love to write and always carry a paper and pen in my bag just in case something pops into my head. I always write stuff down even the stupid crazy stuff that doesn't make sense or the silly stuff that only I get and laugh my ass off at while others just look at me like I'm retarded. ha!!

    like this for instance. I have no idea where it came from but it came so I wrote...

    lets bake a cake
    nothing fake
    out by the lake
    with my dear friend Drake
    who likes to take
    baths with Jake...
    his dog

    *I don't know... I'm a bit of a dork.. but I embrace that dorkiness with all my heart. <3

    have a beautiful day Billy Awesomeness..

    p.s. that's my new name for you 'Billy Awesomeness'... mine is Dorkus Maximus.

  12. truly awesome. I love the turnaround you had... I think there are a lot of us that LOVE creation... the ability to make something from nothing.... fantastic!

  13. Billy, you are brilliant!!! Your creativity brought more than a smile to my face the other night in edmonton. In fact meeting you afterwards vocally parallized me & I reverted back to a 14 year old star struck kid. Your sincere kindness, and extreme humour make you the beautiful soul that you are. Thank you for being you. I appreciate you my friend. xoxo

  14. A) I am SOOOOOOO sorry I missed your B-day!

    B) Thanks, Billy! Now I can't get the guitar rift of Dr. Feelgood out of my head!

    C)You make me smile!

    ~~Elaine 8o)