Saturday, 19 September 2009

An abundance of bricks

Morning thoughts to my poem group....

Life as we know it is only as far as what we know
the birds, the bees, cars , the snow.

People and meanings and thought is provoked
some good some bad , some happy, and sad

We are born as a miracle on a floating rock
that spins so we think until someone else thinks

What is a thought that makes us believe.
The more we taste touch and see on TV

What should I listen to, and who should I believe?
But to believe in one self is all that is needed.

In a finite mind such as mine
Life is given, then taken and and the middle combines

Story to story. Experience and time
tragedy, and mystery is defined as divine

There is a magic that I'm getting to know
The power of thought and worship shale grow

So be mindful of how your worshiping worships.
Think like shit , and get an abundance of bricks

Think like the heavens exist all around,
and angels create the livings sound.

A friend said:
An abundance of "Thank yous", if this is expressed
( we manifest )
an abundance of things to thankful for, and a million more

So how shall I speak, move, touch and inspire
If all at my fingertips is all I desire

Well that is for me and my magic to be
I shall perform miracles inside of me

for we are all magicians, and miracle makers
god laughs and loves with all of life's takers

so follow the signs that you see with your heart
and make up the rules to each part

the now, the then, the what is wonderful


  1. hmmm..
    I think I must read at this for a while...
    a few times more for a glimps at your style,
    the language you speak
    is a wonder I think
    Ive never been much of a poet
    but I can appreciate a good line when you throw it...

    ok, that was auful, but yours was great and I meant everything in my little ryme

  2. and life as we tell it is only a story
    life as we dream it is the real and true glory

    mind your mind and the stories you tell
    lead with your dreams and break free of the spell

    thought is your block and thought is your only way
    what are you silently saying, in this moment and on this day?

    believe in yourself as life beliefs in you
    there is nothing that you cannot have, be, or do

    whether you say it in song or in a simple litter rhyme
    anything you want can be yours at anytime

    you are a walking miracle of pure magic and wonder!

  3. ah! *let's pretend I wrote "believe in yourself as life believes in you*

  4. Let open, look up, thank and love. Magic is everywhere when I can find it in myself. Tonight, happiness is my gift. Thank you for everything you spread. It is so inspiring!