Sunday, 13 September 2009

Affirmation to for the new run

Tour log the Ride and "Spread the weird" boston

In a hotel in Dallas. Feelin good, and ready to except the next invitation to connect with folks from all over. Rubbin my eyes for the sleepiness of the one glass of beer and flight are settling in.
Do you get so stoked about something even though you are so tired you dont wan't to go to bed. Me tonight.
I think I will say a lil pre show affirmation:

We are dreamers that live in consciousness and unconsciousness worlds of manifestation.
We have choice and choose to touch, move, and inspire.
We are gifted listeners, and dedicated lovers,
For the art of language moves us .
From laughter to tears
Through Joy and pain,
It is all on miraculous experience.
Through all our meaning we putt to things.
We are grateful, graceful craftspeople of life.
Thank you for the miracle.