Sunday, 3 May 2009

Stuck in a Tornado

May 3rd 09 Birmingham AL

Stuck in a Tornado

Could the eye of a storm wink at me?
“Was that storm winking at me?”
I winked back, ran through a puddle and now find you more cyber then real……. But I know your out there.
I know your out there doing things. If a person is doing one thing in another place ,and you are not there to see them do it. Did they really do it.
In your reality the answer is NO.
But what does that mean?

It means that there is only moments of moments and that’s all reality is for us. There is nothing more, and nothing less.
So stop writing the illusion picture book in your head about what you should be , and just be.
You are a human … being. So just be. Be content . Why reach for something that is not there.
The Illusion of success, of what your "this and that" should look like, what your bank account should be up to.
That is not real. Only what is right in front of you is. This , the words you are reading. Not truth, Just real.

Love you guys

This weekend has been a blast. The Alabama Craw fish boil was a hit. I opened the show with Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” and Snoop ended it with Ironically “Burning down the house” (another talking house cover). Nice to be full circle.
I was able to catch Snoops show back stage...that was wild.

The night before Jason played. I was able to sit in with him. In front of about 20,000 we did “fall through glass” . Tawney and Trish Hula Hooped during, and I was so happy.
(This pic is crazy. I was 20 feet from the hoop but we are connected....thanks ladies. My hips are almost healed)

photo by Anya Marina
That many people in the crowd become a love sea that I plan to surf on one day.

I was so tired the whole weekend due to jet lag and not turning my phone off at night. But I actually napped in-between sets on Saturday. I got up in time for dinner and some handshakes and high fives with some other band mates. The rain never touched down during the festival, but as soon as it ended god said. “I NEED TO PEE” and is still going.

We just found out that a tornado touched down a town over and we all took shelter in a diner and had stakes of un-fulfilling pancakes.
(Nothing like the sexy cakes back home)

During the festival and this morning the sounds of Tornado sirens rang through town.

But the siren in my heart was heard by the Tornado and it replied. “Damn! I better find shelter”

More form the me later.

Quote of the weekend:
(this was a friends Mad Lib from when he was a kid.)



(couple more shots from Sydney: photos by Milan)


  1. wow tornadoes and having to take shelter because of them... two of the many reasons why i left oklahoma and moved to san diego. ;-)

  2. tornados!! very bad.. been in two or near two actually, because if I were actually in one I don't think I'd be writing this right now.. haha.. but yeah, no fun. nearly shit myself both times.. lol...

    I want to Hola Hoop. you know I've never hola hooped.. sad I know.. I need to get my ass to Wally World A.K.A. Walmart and get me one of those cool looking sparkly hoops. :)

    love love hug hug
    stay awesome beautiful B

  3. very nice. i love mad libs. but don't like tornadoes. glad you are well b.

    take care.

  4. sexy cakes are sexier than ever.
    get em boy

  5. You did awesome in B-ham!
    Hope you have a great rest of tour :D