Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Air World

Well. … here I am . Back in the states, In a sleepy state of affairs. Dallas airport to be exact. The great figure eight. If you have never been in this airport it’s a nut factory. Filled with express trains that take you half way around Texas to get to you destination. I feel like the “good ol boys” in this airport do not understand the bush man very well. On a side note the Australians let me know that Bushwalla means “Man of the Bush”. my reply: shit yes! (I am not sure what shit yes means)
So back to the Texas Teamsters. With my mountain of oddities they look me up and down with a “I will make you into Buffalo Jerky after I throw you into a wood chipper “ look. I want to go up to these denim loving, scared to cross there legs, boys and say “ I am me motherfucker”, but instead I give them my best street fighters face and hope it works. What does it matter. I bring this on myself.
But myself enjoys myself. I have been dating me for 33 years. NO affairs , no cheating with a different me . Just me loving me , being me. “F” em. ,and Love em.
When flying I feel as if it is like shooting craps. (now on my 11th flight since I left the country) You roll the dice at security, and you either get a security guard with a personal problem with you and your existence. Or you get light conversation.
Then you roll again…. "give me a good seat!, NO Babies!, No burger King eating smell fest, No person that wants to talk the whole time…..Give me a Hottie to sit next to” Damn I rolled a middle seat with two giants that I'm sitting in between , and there goes my arm rests.
Everyone has there things that bother them. I am a pretty patient understanding nice guy. But, I have trouble with folks touching me with there arms, or men that have to sit in buffalo saddle position so we all know that he is header sexual , and likes to let his balls breath.
But in all honesty flying is an amazing experience if you allow it to be, and when the security check lady is yelling at you, and you keep making the buzzer go off. Remember its not you. Its always someone dealing with something that’s going on with them. Be courteous, gentle and slow down. Stretch when you are at the airport, and talk quiet on your cell . Be the flier you want everyone else to be…. Oh and invest in ear plugs and sleeping aids.

Listen to Bob Marley

Love you guys


  1. lol b-ill is clever.

    nice pic dude.

  2. last night my friend avery and i stayed up way too late enjoying your music.. you see she is a HUGE fan of you and jason but about a year ago she lost her hearing in a bad car accident. We became friends when I voluneteered to help teach her sign languge.

    anyway.. recently she has been super down because as she says she esentially "lost music". A couple days ago we discovered that (if loud enough) she can hear vibrations..

    so last night i BLASTED your album as she sat on an amp and we signed the entire album

    it was so inspiring that she is even signing one of your songs at a local open mic.. a huge step for her

    how rad is that?

    thanks for helping us experience this

  3. glad u got back to the USA safely!..and u found your camera :)

  4. "header sexual"...hahahahahahaha you crack me up! miss you much.

  5. this blog made me smile.

    glad you had a safe trip.

  6. I've been in that airport.. too crazy... I was scared shitless I was going to miss my connecting flight but made it just in time.

    I love flying and I love the window seat. last time I flew I sat next to this lady who smelled like she hadn't taken a bath in a week or two, maybe even a month.. so nose plugs are a good idea to.. haha..

    hope you're having a beautiful day
    much luv

  7. Good to hear you made it safe and sound, in one piece and not squished by anything or anyone. I always think of that scene in Dogma when conversation of the airport comes up. Bartleby and Loki are chatting, basically, about the constant human condition. Your reaction, or rather lack of, to everyone's clashing energies in Dallas is like the antithesis of that scene. Must be the influence of chill from Bob. ♥love♥