Saturday, 25 April 2009

ABC interview - Perth

What's the most trouble you've ever gone to to see your favourite band or muso? Maybe you've paid a couple of hundred bucks or queued up in the rain for concert tickets? Well, fans of Bushwalla (also known as Billy Galewood) love the guy so much they chipped in to fly him all the way from the USA to Australia! And to play private gigs at that! In 2006, he did a lounge room tour of the US. What a guy. He was in Perth for a few days so we asked him to come into the studio and have a chat...

Who is Bushwalla?

Here's Bushwalla performing 'Fall Through Glass' live in the studio:
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And he was nice enough to hang around for a chat with Russ:
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Click here to download the audio file.

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