Monday, 18 May 2009

"Gangsta" on Rachel Ray with Jutin Kredible

Hey there lovers,
Here is a clip from Rachel Ray were my buddy Justin Kredible used "Gangsta" on one of his illusions.... Magic is real.


  1. That's so awesome to have your song played in a clip on national TV. Congrats!!

  2. ..............Nice...............

  3. Sweet. I loved how she squealed when the table lifted. Magic is real. You said it!

  4. That clips just awesome, damn good song choice too. Kudos dude! :oD

  5. The law of attraction is so are such an amazing person attract other amazing people to your life......congrats, love, and blessings from Hawaii.....Lara

  6. when we saw justin here, camden, my son, freaked out when he heard you. he was talking about it for days. and he thought the magic was rad as well. a 7yr old's first magic show, he loved it. and was very excited to hear you singin' to the tricks. and then jk played him the jkred bushwalla song. he wants me to have you write him a note when i come see you in august. yup...he's a fan.

    take care b. see you soon.

  7. something even crazier than that table floating happened today!!

    at an open mic contest my friend avery signed In the Future while another friend beatboxed over the track.. i helped her out by signing jason's part in the middle.. we had a screen with subtitles on it for those that don't know ASL.. and guess what..WE WON $100 bucks which we immediatley donated to schools for the Deaf in San Diego

    it was AMAZING.. many many many people commented about the performance/lyrics and wanted to know more about you and where they could get your stuff

    it wouldn't feel right taking credit for any of this considering that it is your ideas, words, and message that inspired us to do this in the first place, so we want to share this with you..