Sunday, 1 November 2009

Amsterdam Nov 1st 09

I have been 34 for 30 days. Roughly 12,000 days old
Around 8,640,000 minutes young… Not by the time you read this I will be a bit more experienced.
Location, Schipol airport outside of Amsterdam. Drinking a cap., waiting for a flight to London, while listening to Spinal Tap’s “Heavy duty” . Appropriate for my destination of travel. I am in a space of not many words, so I choose to relay the past.
Yesterday played a house show for friend Emile, family, and friends. Spent the day biking through town , and finding out of Amsterdam coffee shops with Bruski.
The town I stayed in Utrecht (spelling may be off a bit) a modest beautiful canal filled town. I had a huge warm Strapuplinwaffle (spell?) maple canter filled thin waffle goodness. I think my heartburn may start to settle in today. I hope not.
Can’t wait to get back to East London, and my friends out this way. I love the people I get to hang with. So many laughs and good times to be had.

You know, We are all made up of the same stuff, thinking the same things, Loving with the same love. At some point in history we all have to be related. Somehow how it all happened with 1 or 2. That makes sense to me. So it makes sense that no matter where you go you will find people like you. People you can relate to. New friends…. 2 great words together.
Think about the friends you have yet to meet. How rad they are going to be! Who have you yet to fall in love with? The person you are talking to at the bank today may have your babies. Or the guy at the concert who was annoying you all night, may break your heart, or split your soul with his and make a cosmic pretzel.

I leave this circle in 40 minutes to jump in another circle that has already been drawn for me to step in.


  1. Craziness! I was at Schipol yesterday and flew to London too....! Loving the 'cosmic pretzel', I'll probably smile weirdly at people all day now. Enjoy your holiday :-)
    ps. stroopwaffels rock, but did you try poffertjes? the little doughy pancakes with butter, icing sugar AND maple syrup....hmmmmm...

  2. Thank you Billy for that amazing experience! It's because of YOU that I found a great friend in Emile. Guess I'll be taking that train from Frankfurt to Utrecht more often.

    We might not all speak the same language, but we all speak the language of love.

    See you soon, friend.

  3. Thanks for the concert Bush, great as always.

    It's 'stroopwafel' btw.

  4. B., I like your blog, but I sense from your writing that you're a little hesitant regarding grammar and spelling.

    You obviously have many colorful ideas flowing out of your head; perhaps you would like to utilize the services of a good editor? I'm certainly not as creative as you, but I can red-pencil the hell out of pretty much anything.

    Take care, and enjoy your time in Europe.


  5. "Cosmic pretzel". Love that (& you).

  6. The sheer number of people we are compatible with would take our entire lives to meet... it's mind boggling and beautiful. I'll never know everyone I could have loved. But, in an important sense, I am already loving them all.

    It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  7. I'm lOOkin @ 2 feet of snow cali boy....
    keep on rocking!