Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My friend Julz Manlapaz

Today I get up, Make my coffee, Journal, and wish my roommate a great day. Today I wake up grateful for life, and the possibilities of life and friendship.
Yesterday my good friend Julz Manlapaz went under the needle excepting a new Kidney in her life. It is an amazing story of courage, and faith, and patience.
When I met Julz she blew up the room with life fire. As we Developed our friendship I realized this person truly lives in love. When we first met I believe she was something like 20,000 on a waiting list for a new kidney. I have never seen this girl break, only support others and believe.
Julz is a manifest queen. She has only reminded me of how much love there is to share, and that to overcome adversity you must believe and create joy. Joy in yourself, and joy with others. She is always one to remind me that I am loved and have a friend in love on the other side of the country that has my back, and supports me through anything I may be up against.
As the months have gone by with no news of getting bumped up in line waiting for a new organ we get the info that she has indeed been bumped up, and bumped up, and has been selected for a new kidney.
As I find myself distracted in my theories on life, and love, and community. As I find myself trying to figure this life out, trying to find answers. Julz found a kidney.
I am happy to say she is in recovery, she is sitting up and sounds(through facebook)awesome.
Julz you are a reminder that we live in a powerful beautiful universe, and the belief in that universe and in yourself is what makes us go round and round.
Love you very much friend.

Today I started a new journal... well the first page I wrote a while ago and re-opened it (today) to read.
"I am therefore I am.
I choose to start this book with a statement.
I choose to choose all that I choose in the name of experience.
Therefore I am.
I am the breath of the ocean.
I am the will of everyone.
I choose to start this off with a statement therefore I am.
Exceeding all boundries, elevating to the highest ground.
I live therefore I am."

Thank you Julz for being an ambassador of life.


  1. thanks for sharing her story. stories like hers are the reason i can keep fighting my fight. while what i have is life altering, it isn't life terminating. given that, i'll take my fight and win it over and over again, adjusting my moves along the way if i have to, because i am so incredibly blessed that it isn't something worse.

    bless you julz! may you heal quickly!!
    love to ya...nicki

  2. Fantastic! I had the chance to (re)meet Julz last month and she has been such a huge inspiration for me! She is truly as lovely as you say, and her winning battle is a constantly reminder to me of all the things in life which I would otherwise take for granted. I love her! And I love you, Billy! <3 Have the best day ever!!! <3

  3. Julz!!! I've been calling - while you were recovering ( I guess ). Will try again, later. This is the BEST news I've heard in a long long time! HUGS! And hope you completely recover soon!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. if she isn't the example of an inspiration, i don't know what is. thanks b.

  5. WOW! This gave me goosebumps and warmed my heart! I have not met Julz but she sounds amazing...like you! Love and blessings to you both!

  6. What a very inspirational and uplifting story! Thank you for always being such an inspiration to those of us who have been blessed to make your acquaintance. :)

  7. "Ambassador for Life"
    Whoop! & *tears*