Sunday, 10 October 2010

Answers to questions

Hey friends.
High fives to you on this beautiful Sunday morning. I am sitting at Jitters coffee pub in Oceanside,SD. Home of so many of my closest friends. I love this place. I always have a special place in my heart for the gems you find in your life that bring you comfort and a real sense of Family. Jitters is that place for me.

I woke this morning on yet another friends Futon wondering if there cat will make me sneeze. The answer is yes, But not to bad. Seven ah-choo's in a row, kissed my finger, pointed to the sky, dripped a 40 on the floor to my homies and fell asleep.

I woke to two emails that stuck a sense of emptiness inside.

1. Solomon Burke passed. A true legacy in music. I suggest his "Nashville" album. Thanks You Solomon for what you gave us.

2. This one made me laugh at personal standards. The email was addressed to my attention as I lifted my self from my friends Futon.
It said
"Sleeping on couches is something you do in your 20's" (Being 35 I get the point or what I make the point up to be)
also there was a ...
"why don't you go more mainstream."

Which brings me to the point of this blog.

"What Happened with the liz Phair mini tour?"

well a proper answer would be "not much"

I went in did my thing, performed the way I do, spoke the way I speak, gave the way I give.

It was not for Liz. That's the whole story.
Not her cup of tea.

I thank her immensely for the opportunity to open in LA that night. I commit to let go of any wound that I came up with over being fired.(I have been fired a few times, but not in 15 years)

My punk side says "If I DIDN'T get fired from the Liz Phair tour something THEN would be terribly wrong!"... my inner Tard showing.

Its all great and wonderful, and its all made up.
All feelings, all meaning, all of it. Made up....i love how universe works.

so on that tune. Please do not leave comments of support, or harsh defense. I know you got my back.(any comments will be deleted)

and thats it friends. on to the next lesson.

Mainstream for bushwalla.... probably not in this lifetime. Or at least that's how intention leads. Luckily success lives only in your mind.

thank you for being awesome.

sometimes you feel like a nut.....well most of the time

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  1. Thanks for this- "Its all great and wonderful, and its all made up.
    All feelings, all meaning, all of it. Made up....i love how universe works."

    Been struggling with some stuff. Thinking too many big thoughts that lead to nowhere and no-happy. Time to simplify, and what you said was exactly what I needed to hear.