Monday, 25 October 2010

How to fix headphones

I was in an airport in London and I was the right weight and size on my bag, and to my discovery i did not have to pay the 30Pound (48.something $s) baggage fee....this was followed by a YES!!! Upon saving this money I did what every fully expressed and other type of American would do. I spent it on a pair of headphones. I went to the airport electronics store and started my comparison shopping. Looking for the right Hrtz and bass quality. The size and comfortable capability were at the utmost importance. I found a pair of Phillips headphones around the same price I would of spent on the bags.
The quality was great, compact and portable. I had been carrying my studio headphones around and they sound great, but are a pain in the ass to transport.(taking up a huge amount of room in your bag)
So I bought them, plugged them in and the sound was awesome. Everything I could of wanted.
I get to my seat check out the movies for my 11.5 hour flight, and was stoked to see choices. 20 minutes into my first on board movie adventure The girl sitting next to me (a cute hippie gal, that said nothing and had a cold) needed to use the rest to the room. As i got was getting up she said "I can climb over" and I was not into that so i got up pretty quick, as she passed I discovered m head phones were pulled out of the plug, but the1/8 inch connector still in the plug... my headphones were ruined. (Karma laughed to herself)
So to quicken this story I have been on a mission to fix my headphones, and this morning after two attempts.... I HAVE DONE IT.
Not a big feat, but satisfying for my gym time that is going to happen in 20.
So if you have nice cones, and they are broke, don't chuck , look up.
You will need a solder gun, some solder, and 1/8inch jack from radio shack, and a steady hand.
please if your young get an adult, because burning yourself sucks...or actually it burns
here is a helpful tip friends. watch this video if in need of this assistance, if not don't bother with the vid.
good luck ~b


  1. Darn that's cute. I thought you'd made a video of fixin yours. One day I will have a solder iron and power tools, it's a life ambition.