Friday, 22 October 2010

Mornig friends

Wow, as I look are my fingers type at an 8th grade level I Realize life is filled with them... super big fat WOW's.
I would like to turn you on to a transformational site that I read every day

Spend time with these amazing friends, and let them into your hearts.
I made this site my homepage because of the incredible awareness they guide us to everyday.
Superforest is an example of what dedication, Love, and transformation can do.
Thank you super forest for all your hard work.

I love the way love express's itself through you~

oh and this came to me in my morning journal time:

I do not give myself to "Mind", only laugh at it's quirkiness~ BW


  1. Hola! I totally agree. SF is my morning oatmeal, my lunch coffee, my dinner nutritious kale salad. and sometimes, it turns out to be my vibrant colored mid-night dream. Today, 10/22 is SF's 3 years old birthday!! Let's sing a superforestacular birthday song?

    Love and gratitude,

    Hana & Seesaw the cat

  2. haha! Hana, sister, what a sruprise! I love and I smile at how we seem to always be attracted by the same stuff, you and I!

    Through the reading of your post, Bushwalla, I was thinking about so many great things to say about SF. But what could I add after this right up here?! She's got it all right! SuperForest IS the best nourishment, just as your -and all of your whole troup/friends- upflifting music is.

    Cheers, mister Acoustic-Optimistic-Rhymer!
    I totally love your part of the Humanifesto video! You never cease to make me laugh! :)