Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Where's the Roo

Just a lil good morn from the hotie. Lovely night last night. I braved the ocean, well sort of. took a couple of sandy dives. The show was great, Steve played his heart out. WE have been performing TLC's "water fall" and Dylan's "forever young"
so much fun with these guys. 6 more days then back to the album. This trip is such a blessing. Nothing prolific to share today, just a hello, and a video.
suggestion if your ever in Sydney , find a place called Cafe Giulia's.... I suggest the beat,celery,ginger,apple drink. so good for you, and the staff is awesome.
Fall in love every day friends


  1. "I have nothing to really tell you except, I'm in Australia, and most likely you're not (click)" very classy.

    Have a ball, glad to see you grew some for the ocean. haha

    All the Peace and Love to possess,

  2. I miss you has been too long. Have fun with the roos!

  3. ha ha ha!! So much fun to see YOU having so much fun!!

    en_joy lovely bushwalla!!!

    like I said before...come back SOON!!

  4. It's a relief to know that I'm not alone in being slightly freaked out by the ocean. There are SHARKS in that sumbitch!

    But good on you for getting in anyway! It's important that we all try to hold back our crazy and just "dive in" sometimes. Good metaphor for life.