Sunday, 10 January 2010

end just mean beginnings

Well the end of my 2nd trip to Australia has come to completion. I learned so much on this trip. Words like wanker, and root.... poltzy actually turned me on to those. Also, "Brown Eye" means butt hole. So it was really fun to sing my "brown" song.
Mozzies ate me up last night and my paw paw cream is aiding me nicely. This trip gave me visions of a move sometime in my life to this incredible island of dreams. I do truly love it here. I remembered a ton about the person I wish to create myself as. The leader that I am. The lover that I am. The kind of strength I wish to produce. I have this Tatt of be love. and it works, It has reminded me once again of what those words mean, and being out here has given me a chance to do just that.
I miss my friends already. Steve Potz (, tour manager Chris Modl, promoter Milan Crekjhflkb (cant spell his last name for the life of me)

these memories we receive as a gift from god. Memories with people I didn't know I didn't know. I can't wait to meet the next group of best friends. And to the ones I have not spoke with lately. I apologize. I still love you with all my heart, But experience pulls and we follow. We ride these ways of adventure together, even if we are not present to each other, we are present for each other in spirit, in love, and in understanding. Just tell me a good story, and i will even let you lie a bit to enhance the picture in my mind.

Life is all stories. weather you are in one, or hearing of one. that's all we are is a great tale of life and love and adventure. why waste time in argument, and un-committed love.

"Be love".... "what would love do?"

these sayings mean exactly what they say. nothing more , nothing less. Not to achieve something over another. but to be.

to your transformation i salute you .
you bunch of crazies, and lovers, and awesome mother fuckers....

cafe Gulia, Ambercrombie street, New South wales 1-11-10
my favorite cafe in Sydney. Try the beet root, celery, ginger drink....


  1. Awesome chapters in your book of life. Keep on living them.

  2. Much love to you and your journeys.

  3. Well put my friend. Mad love and big hugs to you! :)

    "Life is a movie. Write your own ending." - Kermit the Frog

  4. Oh Billy... so devastated, I had no idea you were in Melbourne - it's so far I know it's always too long til you're back. Grrr. Will have to keep an eye out 'in the future'! And Autodidactical rocks. Safe travels

  5. i love reading words thought up and written by an open heart & mind.

    you are perfect!

  6. Hey, I have brown eyes! So I guess that means if I ever go to Australia, I'll have three. ;-)