Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Air World

Well. … here I am . Back in the states, In a sleepy state of affairs. Dallas airport to be exact. The great figure eight. If you have never been in this airport it’s a nut factory. Filled with express trains that take you half way around Texas to get to you destination. I feel like the “good ol boys” in this airport do not understand the bush man very well. On a side note the Australians let me know that Bushwalla means “Man of the Bush”. my reply: shit yes! (I am not sure what shit yes means)
So back to the Texas Teamsters. With my mountain of oddities they look me up and down with a “I will make you into Buffalo Jerky after I throw you into a wood chipper “ look. I want to go up to these denim loving, scared to cross there legs, boys and say “ I am me motherfucker”, but instead I give them my best street fighters face and hope it works. What does it matter. I bring this on myself.
But myself enjoys myself. I have been dating me for 33 years. NO affairs , no cheating with a different me . Just me loving me , being me. “F” em. ,and Love em.
When flying I feel as if it is like shooting craps. (now on my 11th flight since I left the country) You roll the dice at security, and you either get a security guard with a personal problem with you and your existence. Or you get light conversation.
Then you roll again…. "give me a good seat!, NO Babies!, No burger King eating smell fest, No person that wants to talk the whole time…..Give me a Hottie to sit next to” Damn I rolled a middle seat with two giants that I'm sitting in between , and there goes my arm rests.
Everyone has there things that bother them. I am a pretty patient understanding nice guy. But, I have trouble with folks touching me with there arms, or men that have to sit in buffalo saddle position so we all know that he is header sexual , and likes to let his balls breath.
But in all honesty flying is an amazing experience if you allow it to be, and when the security check lady is yelling at you, and you keep making the buzzer go off. Remember its not you. Its always someone dealing with something that’s going on with them. Be courteous, gentle and slow down. Stretch when you are at the airport, and talk quiet on your cell . Be the flier you want everyone else to be…. Oh and invest in ear plugs and sleeping aids.

Listen to Bob Marley

Love you guys

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Though you broke my glass…. Im higher than ever

Remember Anzac Day
Live from Australia its Bushwalla and the Rad people that got me here.
Chillin at the moment in Perth with a friend who (with the help of a few others) flew me out
so I could experience this wonderful land for the first time.
This has been a dream of mine to come and spend time in Australia and now it really happened, and the fact that I get to meet people and travel through music makes it all the better.

I started off in Sydney with a series of shows. A couple club shows, and a house show. I started meeting what has turned out to be new and amazing friends. That’s one thing I really love about traveling. Meeting the people I have been waiting to meet . Even if I didn’t know I was going to meet them. I feel we should look forward to that in life…the people we have not met. They may be your new best friend, lover, or just a rad dude.

Speaking of rad. The people in Aus are super nice. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the aussie folk. Lending me places to stay, food , and transportation wherever I go.

So after a few days in Sydney (including my first “shrimp on the barbi” bbq. Were I learned how to peal a shit sack out of a prawn) Milan and I flew to Byron Bay.

Before I go on I have to tell you about Milan “sonofabitch”. This super friend has helped me out up and beyond the call of duty. With his kindness and huge heart he helped make my stay here quit joyous. Thank you friend.

Back to Byron Bay blues festival. My bro Mc Raz was on the bill and we rolled into this blast of blues and pop festival with stylish fashion. The festival was rainy and muddy, But a great time. I was bare foot through a foot of mud all day. It was like earth had a case of “mud butt” and it gathered there. The mud did help with soothing my bug bites on my feet and ankles.
Jason’s set was great with 6,000 people watching. When “I’m yours” Kicked in the place went off. So incredible.

For his song “Butterfly” my other roomy Trisha and I went out for a hula hoop demo and we didn’t drop once. That was the high light of my hula career as of yet.
Another interesting thing at Byron bay. My friends the “Drive by Truckers” were there. They (among having there own set) were the band for Booker T. Jones. And as we were having some diner Shauna from the Truckers called me over to meet Booker T and I had a 20 minute conversation on “Optimism”…. what a cool man.

After the blues fest I flew back to Sydney to sit in on a couple of Jason’s shows. Again amazing experiences were to happen. Jason is at the Top of his game and I am in aw of my buddy Kickin so much ass. In the closing moments of the show he invites me to sit in with a Mraz style version of “Fall Through Glass”.
(In sound check we came up with another version…. ”Though I do your ass… and Though I wax my ass”.
Thank you JD)

Jason, Toca, and I did a last minute secret show at the “basement” in Sydney. 100 peeps showed up and we made up yet another and freaky show . Full of debauchery, connection, and love.

Sydney is a cool kind of metropolis were I made the mistake of getting acupuncture in mall. My first experience with “the puncture” and It was terrible. Noisy mall , with uneducated sticker people. I felt weird for days and thought I had permanent damage until the numbness finally wore off.

From there I fly to Melbourne for a couple house shows and an in store performance. I again sat in on the Mraz gigs and the house shows were great. I really fell in love with Melbourne. The suburbs were great and the city was beautiful. Pure Pop records is were I had my in store performance. This is a great indie record store with a café and stage. Great Ideas there. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC STORES.
My Melbourne house shows were for the people that flew me out, and I want to make a special thanks and acknowledgement to them . Thank you Connor, Kershia, Xandie, Kelly, Andy, Stef, Will, Alia, Paul, Emma, Marcus, Jodi……..also all the friends that I met along the way. On the Sunday show (conors house) we were under the stars and relaxed. While the show went down we were visited by the local possums., and that night they visited me outside my window. The noise these things make at night are frightening. Sounds Like a grumpy witch with a bad case of whooping cough.

I spent an extra day in Melbourne juggling with my bro before he shipped off to the states. Keep fuckin it up buddy.
In Melbourne we watched these huge flaming towers at night. They go off on the hour and blow 20 foot fire balls. It was so hot you could feel it on your face. This was a great night on the river.

I am now in Perth. My last stop for shows. I was able to perform for the Aus ABC network. Check out the previous blog.

We has a day off today and my friend Kershia took me around town. We went to a great market were I bought all my souvenirs and late B day presents. I saw a street performer there who was really funny and reminded me of were I come from. I salute all street performers around the world . You are the culture of our profession.

On the way home we stopped at the beach to catch a sunset. I did jumps and cart wheels and put my feet in the water. The water was warm and I was feeling alright. When we walked back to the car to our surprise the back window of the car was busted out and glass was everywhere. The gifts I just bought were gone. I looked around… one to be found. A couple locals came over to console and offer a hug. I was bummed for a moment because the gifts I purchased were not for me, but perfect for my friends.
What was the lesson? I thought to myself. Then It came to me. This thief became my Zen Master. He showed me that material is nothing. It had nothing to do with me and I have the choice at this moment to not react at all. To simply just continue with my day, and not allow this to get under my skin. A window can be fixed, my presents were second to me being present to reality. To life.

Now I am here. I am. I love. And im ready for the next moment. Here it is and there it went…..

Though you break my glass …..I’m higher then ever

ABC interview - Perth

What's the most trouble you've ever gone to to see your favourite band or muso? Maybe you've paid a couple of hundred bucks or queued up in the rain for concert tickets? Well, fans of Bushwalla (also known as Billy Galewood) love the guy so much they chipped in to fly him all the way from the USA to Australia! And to play private gigs at that! In 2006, he did a lounge room tour of the US. What a guy. He was in Perth for a few days so we asked him to come into the studio and have a chat...

Who is Bushwalla?

Here's Bushwalla performing 'Fall Through Glass' live in the studio:
Play audio

And he was nice enough to hang around for a chat with Russ:
Play audio

Click here to download the audio file.

Go to interview:

Friday, 17 April 2009

Bushwalla and Friends (Mraz) play Secret Midnight Show In Sydney

Hey Party People! We hope some of you were able to get into this midnight fun. Check out Billy and Jason doing "Personal Ad's"

Mraz show with Bushwalla in Australia

Check out Billy and Jason doing "Creatures In the Yard" during an encore in Sydney.

Check out the music video here:

Behind the scenes and making of the video here:

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hellooooooo Cleeeeeeeeeeeveland!

Hey now! Check out some of the footage from Bushwalla's recent Cleveland, OH show.

Bushwalla in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame...well sort of..

At a recent visit to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Bushwalla's name was spotted under the Spooner Oldham plaque as a new inductee for 2009! Check it out its pretty dope.

Bushwalla Blog

Hey All Bushwalla Fans, Friends and Fanatics. We are just getting this blog going so be patient and come back for more posts coming from down under. Stay tuned...