Monday, 1 November 2010


Just a simple hello and Alohas from your Boy Bushwizzle.
I suggest today Freaknik to anyone who needs a chuckle.
NC-17 advised veiewing. You can download on Itunes.

Freaknik: The Musical is a musical special produced by T-Pain in association with Williams Street and Carl Jones. It features the voice of T-Pain as the Ghost of Freaknik, as well as the voices of entertainers such as Lil Wayne, Young Cash, Snoop Dogg, Sophia Fresh, and Rick Ross, and comedians such as Andy Samberg and Charlie Murphy who provide additional voices. It was scheduled to air on Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim sometime in 2009, but after several push-backs, it premiered on March 7, 2010. A soundtrack was released by Jive records and Nappy Boy records on April 19, 2010.

wikipedia answer
Freaknik was an annual spring break meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, primarily of students from historically black colleges and universities.[1] Begun in 1982 as a small picnic near the Atlanta University Center, it was initially sponsored by the DC Metro Club [1] and was typically held during the third weekend in April to coincide with the schools of the Atlanta University Center's Reading Day. The event increased in size and popularity in the 1990s with dancing, drinking, parties, a basketball tournament, rap sessions, a film festival and a job fair.[2]

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