Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Life is living in me this day of days. The day before earth day, and day after herb day. I leave for Kauai in a couple hours. The magical place where "puff" did his stuff, and I'm talk'n bout the magic dragon. When I get to experience the glorious islands it feel's more of a calling, then a trip. A well deserved awakening from the sleepy stew of repetitive life. Out of LA you fly for 6 hrs and 3 min over nothing but blue, to suddenly spot in the distance an awakening of sorts. LAND HO! A happy place that has only brought me joy, self discovery, and a bitch'n tan.
I thank the Islands for showing up for me, my band, and friends with such loud vibrations, and vibrant life. I have no doubt this experience will deliver a unique blend of love juice to be taken through the I. V. of life ~ b


  1. Banana hammock!!

    Can we now add "Photoshop prodigy" to your resume?

  2. good to see you blogging again.
    it's been a while.

    have fun in Kauai!!

    luv and hugs

  3. I LOVED UR POST... Welcome to Blogsfere again, Mr. Galewood!

    p.s.: I know this pic, i already saw it on Friend's blog. Hhehehehe... awesome!

  4. Nice Tan ;) haha
    Happy Earth day! ;D

  5. Wowza! Hmmm...I'm thinkin' if you and Borat had one of those magazine throwdowns of Who Wore It Best you would totally get like 82%...I never did like his sunglasses.