Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hi friends.
Very happy to call you friends. Today's blog is on the radness of friends. I love being, making, letting go, and gathering friends. I have the best friends in the world. I used to think a best friend is limited to one or two peeps. No I say! You can have 50 best friends. You can be the miracle worker you already are and best friend the world. Could you imagine? Besties with everyone you meet, EVEN THE PEOPLE THAT SHOW UP TO YOU AS SUCKING! How can we do this you ask? Well this is my theory. Not the truth , just a theory. Treat everyone as if they were your best friend, or treat them how you would with your best friend. Understanding situations, and seeing how the world is showing up for them. For me right now my hands hurt. (Just went through wart removal, not ashamed or embarrassed about it)

Instead of walkin around with a scowl , I am choosing to be so stoked to get these things off. That the pain becomes pleasant, and the snooty girl at the coffee shop bar did not fuel my wounds, because I am not creating her as anything but a rad person at work, and of service to me. She even brought me my food because she was concerned for my hands.
These folks that show up to us as unfriendly, or difficult become your zen masters (as best friends do). These folks become opportunity to think about your current state with a different kind of love. Forgiveness and understanding . jason Mraz and Brett Dennen wrote a song and one of the lyrics is. "Forgiveness is the only kind of love there is!" Rad line right? Walk through life with forgiveness and see what happens. Worked for Jesus, and Gandhi! Please, I implore you to do so. Try these shoes on for a moment.
Reverend E. @ the East bay church in Oakland said, "you can slap my mamma! (and you better not slap my mamma) But I gotta love ya".
What are love songs REALLY about? Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, Boy screws up, girl freaks, boy does something cool, girl forgives. Imagine if love songs were not so limiting to the universe , and boy meant all life, and girl meant co existence.
LOVE would be all there is. Is it not? Is there anything more we say then "I want love " or "I am love"? In my lil brain I think not.
well johnny cash is on the overhead, my tea is down to 1/4 full, and my Greek salad is now Tasmanian.
I leave you with this!
"True love will find you in the end, you'll find out just who was your friend. Don't be sad I know you will. True love will find you in the end!"~ Daniel Jonston

PS: Special shout to one of my besticles. MC Raz for winning 2 mother luvin Grammy's , Thats what I'm talkn bout. love you brotha


  1. YES!!!
    Love IS all there is... ♥

  2. Your theory worked wonders in my family and workplace. I did not only find great friends in people I used to take for granted, but I also found the attitudes in me that created them as sucking.
    Thanx for blogging abut this!
    Love you!

  3. I really liked this blog. I also think everyone should treat strangers like best friends. I have been doing that for years and I have the most wonderful people in my life right now. I don't think I could have asked for better friends. And you're right, Love is really all there is.

    Sorry about your hurting hands. I had a lot of warts on my hands too when I was yonuger. 12 on one hand and 15 on the other. They were some sort of wart that everyone is born with but my immune system was to weak to fight them off. I went in for 2 sessions of freezing them off. Painful.
    Ice cream and hugs will make you feel better.

  4. Friendship wins! Jason is the luckiest person in the world having you as a besticles ;) Much love to you. See ya in NYC soon!!!!!

  5. Do not ask me why --> Duct tape + warts = removal. I have seen this equation jive over and over but it does take awhile. Google it.
    God, I love Google.

    PS Need a BEE LOVE T-shirt. Don't make me "bug" you about it.

    Sorry. Lame. :)

  6. Imagine gettin warts removed from the bottoms of your feet. Yep. And sometimes forgiveness is hard...but I guess it takes practice though, right? Like gratitude?

    Thanks again so much for the show at Java Joes on Sat. Everyone was amazing that night. And I also would like a be love shirt!! They were all sold out of my size. :(


  7. hope this doesn't come across as psycho, but i would love to have the chance to sit down with you one day and do some "philosophizing."

    the last 3 months of my life have been a struggle with health challenges, therefore being put out of work, therefore leading to financial stresses. i tried to remain positive but sometimes the darkness won. lately i've decided to reach out and ask for positive energy from friends for each little challenge that comes along. you know what i've found out? the people i thought would be the first to reach out to me because they were on my "best" friend list didn't. the people that i haven't seen in years were the first ones to step up and say, "anything you need." sometimes you find your best friend in the least expected place. also started to blog myself several months ago as my therapy. it helps.

    i'm grateful for those people but how do i deal with those that didn't. i'm trying to "choose" that they must be going through something too. maybe i should reach out to them.

    i don't know. it's just hard. there's not much of the "free love" flowing in this small town. the only person i know who follows this belief system of love and kindness is my brother-in-law (who went to college with and is good friends with jon marro-maybe that's where he gets it!) but he lives 8 hours away.

    thanks for the inspiration and outstanding blog entry. i hope your hands heal soon!

    sending out lots of love to you and yours!

  8. Who was it who said, "Paint me as I am, warts and all!"? I love that guy. His point was about honesty and self-respect, and I dig it.

    (Just googled it: Oliver Cromwell. He WAS an ugly mother!)


  9. This is such a fantastic state of mind and this blog was exactly the push I needed to put it into action! X D I've been trying to live like every day is my last and I've been trying to make the best of every single moment... and it's been a blast. Now it's time to bring the world into this. I'm out here spreading the love and now I'm determined to spread it even more. <3!
    By the way, I'm super excited to see you on the 22nd. I can't believe you're coming to Virginia! What a stroke of luck. It's going to be such an amazing time.
    I love you man,
    Your best friend,

  10. This blog made me smile. Friends are amazing. I consider mine my family & can't believe how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. I definitely think if we put out love & happiness we get it back a million times over :)

    PS. Can't wait for your Philly show!

  11. this does NOT work with Pig Headed Country Folk , but I will keep trying :)
    <3 Darlene

  12. So, Billy, you and I met last night by the water cooler in the green room...and I truly believe that we were meant to be even offered me your freshly poured ounce of water (but I didn't take it, because you looked pretty damn parched). Would a best friend act in any other way? I hope you remember me, because I will never forget our meet cute. You pretty much rock my face off...with that sexy voice of yours! Cheers, bff.

  13. I'm very fortunate to have many friends and kept since childhood. I love so much to my family and friends. Even some friends became lovers and then returned to be friends again. It's nice to have someone. My mother always says you can brighten someone's day with a smile only. So have a nice day. :-)