Thursday, 19 August 2010

An individual is beautiful in size shape and matter. an individual can create greatness in all possible light. An in individual can inspire. An individual can translate. An individual can be an individual.

An individual without community is simply an individual. To be this person living in community or common-unity with ones self as well as others is truly rich in abundance.

Meaning your conflicting self and your authentic self are in line with one another.
These two self selves come together in common-unity and help each other to create you as an amazing testament in understanding ones self.
Then to apply this unity to your worldly community around you, and with others withholding judgment and gossip. Live in uplifting strength that can take you and your fellows to a higher ground of consciousness.

Consciousness: a sense of ones personal or collective identity including the attitude, beliefs and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group.
(Love of freedom runs deep in the conciseness of our nation)

and our hearts are afraid to grow.
Let your heart know today that there is only love and other forms of it.
Love is all natural in creation and we are but loves perfect expression.
allow the heart to have its growing pains.
For it is the cure to the aching soul.
The soul that cries freedom

~love uncle boo-ey

Friday, 13 August 2010