Sunday, 23 May 2010

Compost is cool

here is this mornings BLOG... Thought I would pass it on

I started with an experiment last fall, collecting all my compostable things in a tupperware container, and seeing how much I was wasting by throwing those things away was enough to kick my butt into gear and start composting properly. The answers to my questions were simple.

Where will my compost go? There are three units in my building; together we contribute to the compost heap out back. When it’s ready, some goes to the tiny raised beds in our driveway, and the rest is shared with a community garden down the hill.

I produce so little, does it really matter? After my little tupperware experiment, it was clear that I did NOT produce so little, and when combined with my neighbors, we’ve got ourselves so much compost that we don’t even use it all.

So, if you need a little kick start like I did, just collect your compostable bits for a week. See how much there is (you’ll be surprised). And, check out these wacky things that can be composted (I learned this from Gayla of You Grow Girl):

* Gum
* Hair
* Toothpicks
* Pet bedding (Rabbits, hamsters, and other herbivores only!!)
* Paper egg cartons
* Tissues and paper toweling (Depending on what was on them)
* Cotton balls (Depending on what was on them)
* Paper bags
* Toilet rolls
* Shredded paper, newspaper, receipts and documents (non-glossy)
* Wine corks
* Matches
* Dry dog food (Be careful about attracting vermin but makes a good compost activator for getting your pile rocking.)
* Cardboard
* Old spices and herbs from the cupboard
* Nut shells
* Wine (Another decent compost activator)
* Felt, old wool, bamboo or cotton socks
* Dust from sweeping and vacuuming
* Old pasta
* Spoiled flower bouquets and their water

Wow! Compost, watch your trash pile shrink, and feel good about putting something awesome back into the earth. If you need instructions, just do some Googling. There are a myriad of site out there with good guides.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bushwalla Album Release Update 5-19-10

Bushwalla Album Release Update 5-19-10... FULL VERSION with an Edit? of new song "Brief HIstory" From the Album"Man Who Invented the Sky".

BUshwalla Album Release Update 5-19-10

Bushwalla Album Release Update 5-19-10... FULL VERSION with an Edit? of new song "Brief HIstory" From the Album"Man Who Invented the Sky".

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

you are love

hello again...
Boy you are cute. Just thought I would start this message with a message to you about how adorable you are. I want you to know how amazing it is to share space, and collaborate on an idea with you today. I have waited my life to meet you and here you are. Shinning with amazingness. You are awesome. I love watching love express itself through you with radiant beauty and electric heart pulse. The way life shows up for you is truly incredible to be a part of.
I would like to acknowledge you for allowing existence to shine bright through your being today. ...I know it can be tricky to "figure it out". You know what helps me? NOT trying to. No where to get... you are already there, a perfect essence of life.
You ARE success's perfect spokesman or spokeswomen. I feel better striving for my goals knowing you are achieving yours.
How amazing is it that we are blessed with the opportunity to share this space right here, right now. I am truly honored.
Feel free to fully express your awesomeness and celebrate this day with me.
I could not think of a better person to share it with then you.

you r rad..

"I Raise Up" straight Off new album,"The Man Who Invented the Sky"

The link below will take you to the fresh new stream...check it out
and come to the shows

This album is made in Honor of my Fathers UFO experiences.
listen here

Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 8:00pm
Belly Up Tavern 143 South Cedros Avenue Solana Beach,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 8:30pm
THE TROUBADOUR, West Hollywood, CA