Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Following the friend flow

I have to say I diagnose the "little things". The looks, the weird texts, the odd tones in voices, the sudden change of intentions. I am a bit paranoid these days over all these "little things". I guess they are not so little after all. That eye brow lift, though very small in relation to the big picture can start a chain of magnetized mind manipulation.

That raise of brow triggers something inside (a nerve if you will). That nerve takes the view of the situation and increase's it's size, value, and story. Kind of of like a day out fishing without the slime.

So now what I see is a slightly bigger eye brow, with a story that is saying "somethings wrong", and a meaning of importance.

Now realize that a fly may of landed on the other persons forehead that made there eye brow raise, or they have a weird twitch or something to that effect. It may have nothing to do with me. Yet I seem to attach one of my made up stories to the purpose of the movement. "What they raised a brow at me, and looked at me funny" I say in my head. "They are pissed off I didn't go with them to the show! I know it."

I am now convinced they are mad at me (the eye brow is now the size of a furry "cat scratch tree" from pet co. on top of there face, and they are starting to distort in my mind as an evil troll that is out to suck me under the bridge.

"What could I have possibly done to deserve such a gesture toward my life's validity?"

Then this is were it gets really fun.
Self doubt pops by for a beer. "Yo! what's up holmes? Haven't felt weirdly bad for a minute. thought I would come by and take a shit on your brain for 20 minute's. Is that okay?" I respond." Hell yeah!, and bring your friends self conscious and worthless over and let's party!"

Now this eye brow is so big it looks like the golden gate bridge has been stretched across your face and covered with mo-hair.

I am great at this next part.I say, "What's wrong, something's wrong, what did I do? What, I mean god, I'm sorry......sorry!"

I love apologizing for shit I am unaware of doing. If all else fails start begging for forgiveness.

What It comes down to is don't sweat the lil stuff. Your mind is going at like 64 thoughts a sec. Let that happen and acknowledge it for sharing the highly entertaining paranoid visions. And know that most of the time your making it all up anyway.
what's in an eyebrow? Hair.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Until the end of....Toca

Toca Rivera world renown lion Tamer, expressive with his thoughts on fettuccine.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Dr. Feelgood

Living live lovingly while lifting hearts including my own.

YO yo. I have been feeling a bit low since my b-day. Low in health that is. I realized I have been slurp'n a few to many java's, To many fatty breakfasts, to much red meat. Then heart burn come a knockin on the door and invites himself in, and reclines on my heart like a sofa, and he aint leavin till the diet is in check.
Today after love set sail back to SD, I went to the rehearsal room and stretched, while having a talk with this body. What did I say?

"Get up ya bum, I didn't hear no bell"

So I continued to stretch, think, and plant my intentions for the night. Ignoring my body aches, I pressed on with creation. Creation! I LOVE CREATION! I really do. The feeling you get when you make something up from thin air is amazing. Were does it come from? I don't know. But i thank the source for the desire to express through the outlet of creation.

So I made up an interesting way to open the show. I was wearing two suits at the same time. FUN!

Now I had creation and fun happening. This is what drives me. I looked around the dressing room and Jason and all of his band mates were putting there duck tape mustaches on and getting ready to back up the Bush W. show. Now my friends were involved. Now, Creation , fun, and friends......forget about it. i was feeling super. And even as I sit here and write this to you I hear my friend on the loud speaker tearing it up, and making them laugh.(Jason is a funny fucker, that's one thing I really love about the dude)
Now during my show I was having fun, while creating with my friends, and a power surged through my body. I felt light and young. I ran to the middle of the crowd and got up on the seats and walked across the tops of the chairs in front of 2500 with no nervousness at all. Just love for the moment, and I felt like flying.
After I got off stage I ran out to meet and great as many as I could then ran back to intro my buddy for his killer show........

Life is truly an amazing miracle, though it does not always show up that way for you.
Keep going , keep driving, keep taking chances, keep believing in yourself, keep sharing, keep loving, keep growing, keep showing, keep on keepin on.
Be Love